Aware About Top 5 Android Settings!

widgetsDid you buy any new Android phone?? Then you must know some best settings for your new pal. Feel free to read this article only if you want to gather all useful tricks for your smartphone.Here come some useful settings for your android smartphone:
Personalize your handsets using “Beautiful widgets”

BeautifulWidgets is your best mate when you would like to use widgets for customizing your home screen. Be unique by expressing yourself by using multiple personalized widgets, themes and home screen according to your moods. There are provisions for HD viewing forecasted and current weather information with amazing animations. The featured specs of this app do the settings for alarm, time, and date etc. for a complete clock widget. Multiple widgets are possible for tablets. You can snatch many themes for customizing your widgets..! Just download; it’s a piece of cake. Your current location will get the main weather forecast information in the blink of an eye!

The toggle widgets and interactive wallpapers make this app adorable for widget lovers.

Are you ready to win your dream phone?

Launcher pro provides many charming features to take your android phone to a new level. The main specs are super-smooth scrolling, animated screen previews up to seven home screens. A fly-in effect is achieved using app drawer technique. There is also a scrollable shotcut dock.

Do you want to get access to music at cheaper rates?

Amazon MP3 provides music to you were ever you are. Just download or stream Amazon Music library from the cloud and enjoy your world of music or play the music from your device. Just buy songs over 28 million songs and you have provision to expand your library. This app can really build a new world in your android handset. So don’t forget to soup up your device with this powerful app.
totally out to lunch and you need a fast internet?

Dolphin Browser HD is a cup of tea for the internet surfers. Web pages can be displayed in a flawless form. Fast and speed browsing make your surfing simple. Mobile browsing can be done easily with voice and gesture control. Other excellent specs of this browser include “Sonar” by which it listens and allows you to search by your voice. There is also provision for sharing the search on social networks. By “One-tap Share” you can tweet and post. The shared content can be saved directly to ever note Box. You don’t need to toggle between screens and tabbed browsing can be done as you browse on desktop.
Handy widget for icons!

Multicon widget can personalize your display on main scree. By this handy widget a person can put many icons on home screen and it provides multitasking.

Hurry up and install these settings on your android device to do a makeover on your pal. Never spill the beans to your friends and be the best among them with most trendy and cosy settings in your Android device.


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