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Gravity Forms and The Review

In these modern days, every person or the organization carries out a website with the corresponding information. But there are many variations in various websites. It depends on the web developing code as well as the other functionalities. Such a way is WordPress. Through the process of WordPress you can build up any site quite easily. It allows a systematic way to build any website. Because, you will find the basic structural tools and the coding method in every WordPress based site.

To make it more colorful you will have to add some extra coding structure. You will find so many useful plugin for the WordPress sites to add various effects on your site. The performances and the activities vary in various plugins. Such an effective plugin is Gravity Forms. It mainly acts as a contact form plugin with the drag and drop functionalities in the interface, notification system, creation of the posts and so on. Moreover with the discount coupon for Gravity Forms, the cool plugin could be purchased at a cheaper price.

Gravity Forms with Discount code

The Activities of This Plugin

This plugin affords a way to send any type of information, document and other posts. Besides, you will also observe the opportunity of publishing them on the site. Besides, there is a Form on the left side of the admin area. From this sector, you can access into anything.

Guest post Addition System: For the bloggers, guest post adding system is an essential part. By using this plain the guests can post anything on the selected page that is allowed outside of the admin portion. Here the viewers can post any type of content like image, title, video file and so on.

Contact Form: The main use of this plugin is the contact form. It is an essential need for any website especially for the bloggers. From this section, you can build up a variation in the forms, collect any type of data, notification system, email address functionalities and so on.

In fact, this plugin is just outstanding for any WordPress site. And if you need Developer license, you can get reduction with Gravity Forms Developer License discount code.

The Features of the Tool

Gravity Forms fulfills two greatest roles which are form generation process and proper data management system. From the form generation option you can create almost any type of contact form on the contact page by dragging them. It will automatically complete the up-gradation process according to the changes. In the data management system you can observe an exceptional change by using Gravity Forms. It allows the users to access the data and edit them from the control panel whenever it is needed.

Using Process of Gravity Forms: The using system of Gravity Forms is very easy. By using it users can simply apply all the functions with the coding changing system. The text fields, data input field, comment option can be established for assuring the opinion of the viewers. Moreover, the code quality of Gravity Forms is very flexible so that the novice users can understand in a quick method.

Besides, you can get the best security system with the help of Gravity Forms by gaining the ultimate customer support. So the plugin offers a number of exclusive benefits.

Gravity Forms interface and developer license coupon

What is Gravity Forms?

A form is an essential tool for collecting data from the users. A standard and well arranged form can do it easily. Gravity Forms comes handy in that case. Gravity Forms is a form making plug-in for WordPress. It generates forms and also used as a lead data management tool for WordPress.

Difference Between Gravity Forms and other Plugins

There are many form making plugins available for WordPress. But most of them have limitations, issues and poor codings. Gravity Forms is different here. It is lots of features, drag and drop functions, easy interface, simple form generating procedure and lead data management system. Using lead data management system site administrator can manipulate users’ data and also can export these data.

More Features of Gravity Forms

Gravity forms has many effective features. Among them the most important features are:

Multipage Form - When there is a lot of fields required in the form, it is needed to divide the form into two or more pages and distribute the fields among them.

Smart and Dynamic Form – According to the pages criteria or requirements, Gravity Forms can auto hide or show some specific fields. It has built in conditional logic functions to control these.

Scheduled or Limited Form – It is possible in the Gravity Forms to limit the amount of entries like only ten or eleven entries and give any kind of restrictions like users login etc.

Several Types of Fields – Gravity Forms contains all the latest types of fields to meet the different kind of expectations, such as:text box, radio button, checkbox, dropdown etc.

WordPress Integration – This plugin is especially made for WordPress. So it has the best integration support with the WordPress.

Anti-Spam Measures – Gravity Forms has built in anti-spam functions to protect from spamming attacks. Simple captcha, math puzzle, recaptcha are the built in functions to ensure protection against spam. Developer version also has the extra facility like Picaptcha which is a lot easier for the visitors. Without Captcha it has honey pot protection built in.

Automatic Theme Integration – Gravity Forms has the ability to be integrated with any theme. So it matches well and looks nice with the theme. Need not to spend time with the integration issue.

Add-ons – It supports different types of add ons. Paypal integration, Mailchimp, Zapier is there. Add ons help to make the business  automated and fast.

Entry Management – Administrator can easily view and edit data that are collected by a Gravity Forms from WordPress dashboard and also can export the data for further analysis.

Easy to Use – Gravity Forms is a WYSIWYG form builder plugin. So there is no harassment of complex coding. It is much easier than any other form building plugins available in the market.

Easy Updates – Gravity Forms has built in update mechanism to keep you up to date.

There are three versions of Gravity Forms available for the users. They are: Personal license which is for one site use, Business license which is for three site use and Developer license which is for unlimited site use. So choose the best one suitable for you.

More About the Plugin

To build the online based communication system, there are a lot of changes in the computer system. Among all of the changes, the effect of the website is a concerning one to the users around the whole world. To create a strong relationship with the online based communicating process, website plays a vital role. By using any website, users can preview their information to all of the viewers. To create any website, there are many platforms available. WordPress is one of the efficient ones to the users.

It affords all the sequential functionalities to stand up any site in a flexible way. By using the platform of WordPress, the web developers have the opportunity to create any site in a quick process. Besides, many changes can be obtained with the touch of WordPress. It supports many plugins to observe any specific change. Such an essential plugin is Gravity Forms. It is mainly used as a contact based plugin. To make the contact option more colorful from your website, this is active one. It allows the users to complete the synchronization process of the data in a functional way. Besides, you can control the data submission process for the control panel of Gravity Forms. Moreover, you have the opportunity to share the data with others.

Get Gravity Forms with Discount Code

As you have already known in the beginning of the post that you can avail Gravity Forms discount codes and promo for purchasing any license. That includes Gravity Forms Developer and Gravity Forms business license as well. As mentioned, this is one the most exclusive, robust and featured-rich plugin from the WP. The coupon code in 2014 applies the mentioned discount automatically, just you need to paste it and update the cart.