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A Platform for Managing Work and Teamwork

If there’s one thing that high-performance teams need, it’s a platform for managing both work and teamwork — a tool that makes the daily functions quite easy and efficient for any type of company. This application is made available in ten languages and sold in 120 countries.  The purpose of the software is to assist teams in streamlining their workflow, enabling workers to concentrate on their real priorities instead of engaging in busy work. Wrike, the company in question, has been awarded Cool Vendor in 2014 by Gartner and has been acclaimed as one of the Best Places to Work by the San Francisco Business Times, the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and the Bay Area News Group as one of the Top 100 Workplaces in 2015.

Wrike gives teams online project management software for anything from small projects to  enterprise-scale programs. Wrike’s online tools for project management allow for full visibility into what is being done and who is responsible for each task. Some of the project management tools include a gantt chart maker for project planning and scheduling, a work management app for organizing and tracking all the various steps in a project, as well as online communication so that team members can discuss work without having to resort to long email threads. Teamwork and collaboration is the essence of this project management tool where the sharing tends to be flexible and users have the comfort of customizing their relationship in achieving their objectives.

Most Trusted Name in the World – Management Team Project

Some of the objectives that this software helps you achieve are worth mentioning. Particularly, enhancing teamwork and team strengths. Wrike also helps create a shared base of information that each team member can draw from without overwhelming others with meetings or requests.

The software also helps with assigning responsibility and accountability to the team. This way no one misses any assignment because all deadlines are made clear and visible to all membhers. Wrike is the one platform where users can self-organize everything needed to complete a project.

Wrike is a trusted name among enterprises all over the globe with regards to the management of projects in the cloud.  Safety of user data is a top priority because when you’re dealing with confidential information, users are assured that the maximum level of security necessitated by IT enterprises, and business owners is present.

UI Experience – Increased Speed/Stability

Wrike allows you to boost your inspiration by giving you the freedom to concentrate on your work instead of on admin tasks. This led to the creation of the Wrike integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. As part of the larger Wrike For Marketers suite, this intgration allows designers and other creatives to check their tasks without even needing to leave their Adobe tool of choice. And because creative projects always need reviews and approval processes, this led to the creation of the Proofing and Approvals feature in Wrike.

Furthermore, the company has two mobile apps for Android as well as iOS. With the company’s built-in Android app, relating to work tends to be an easy task featuring new navigation and a natural approach making the mobile project management experience, an efficient as well as a convenient one. With regards to UI experience, any user will experience  increased speed together with stability. The new iOS app makes creating, editing, scheduling,  and discussing tasks an efficient experience. And users  have the ability to truly gain a larger view of all their tasks within seconds.

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