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Internet connectivity continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace and more of us are using our mobile devices to access the web than ever before.

YouTube is a good example of this growth, with a stellar 30% increase since 2011 in mobile devices being used to access one of the most popular sites of all, YouTube.

It is fair to say that coping with this increase in demand and making sure that every different device that connects to the internet can view the content, is a considerable challenge and has meant that there are plenty of surfers who have been left frustrated by their inability to view a video they want to watch.

About 40% of all YouTube traffic in the U.S is generated from mobile devices and whether you are using an iPhone, Blackberry, tablet or whatever device you own, all of us have probably experienced some sort of issue with viewing content.

This infographic takes a look at the numbers and also sets about trying to find the answers to some common issues that plenty of us will have encountered and perhaps been unable to resolve up to now.

YouTube is definitely not immune to these access problems and sometimes you have to look at changing the video settings as well as adjusting your phone settings, in order to download or view the content that you want to see.

There are answers to common technical and access issues that may help you to be part of the growing number of web users connecting via their mobile device, and allow you to enjoy YouTube without any problems.

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