Whether you work from home every day or only occasionally, a calm, focused workspace can make all the difference in facilitating productive work in your home office. There are a few keys to make this dream a reality in nearly any home office space.

Dedicated Workspace

If possible, dedicating one room of your home as an office will help you settle into a peaceful, focused attitude and accomplish more when you sit down to work. If it’s not possible to devote an entire room to this purpose, visual dividers such as curtains or folding panels will help to define the space and keep it distinct from your non-work duties. If that’s not your style, simply assigning a particular desk or corner of a room as your workspace will still support your productivity in that environment.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is a key element in designing a calm workspace. Ample natural light sets the stage for more relaxed, productive work, so consider choosing a room with a window or two and orienting your desk near the window. Dark corners can be illuminated with desk lamps or floor lamps. Look for “daylight” tinted bulbs for the most calming lighting effect.

Personal Touches

Adding elements that make you feel vibrant and at ease will contribute to a focused work environment. Live or silk plants, favorite artwork and a few other simple decor items will make your space feel comfortable and welcoming. Be mindful of how many items you add to the space. For an ideal peaceful setting, minimize the clutter and choose only a few items that fill your spirit with joy.

In every home office space, a little bit of foresight goes a long way in ensuring your workspace is tranquil and distraction-free. With regular attention to these details, you can maximize your chances of accomplishing your goals each time you set foot into the space.