These days, it is not enough that brick-and-mortar stores operate in the traditional way of “keeping shop.” The key is to sustain and grow business by creating a memorable and positive customer experience that will make people keep coming back to the store.

This also means not just offering superior products. It also means providing services beyond what is expected. This is where innovative customer management tools and strategies come in. Aspects such as merchandising, product sampling, sales events, and even Wi-Fi for retail establishments are very important to consider these days.

Password, please

You yourself may attest to the fact that when you enter a restaurant or coffee shop, one of the first things you ask for is the password to the establishment’s Wi-Fi connection. Consumer behavior is just the same when it comes to retail.

There are many reasons why customers look for Internet connectivity when they are outside the home. Of course, they want to keep in touch with family and friends. They want to be kept updated with breaking news not just locally but around the globe.

Internet connectivity also has great potential and relevance for business owners. Customers can immediately post positive reviews of products and services on their social media accounts, thus attracting even more customers into the store.

Free Wi-Fi service used to be seen as only an added bonus or privilege for customers, but today, it is considered more of a necessity rather than a mere want—even for the business owners themselves.

The wonderful world of Wi-Fi

Let’s see how wireless Internet connectivity plays a big role in the overall operations and retail experience of an establishment.

Internet connectivity greatly enhances the convenience and efficiency of managing the physical inventory of a store. Stocks are updated in real-time as point-of-sale transactions are monitored easily and effortlessly. Voice applications and other automated processes can also be leveraged by the staff.

Connectivity to a data cloud ensures that vital business information is stored fast and securely. Physical safety and security is also enhanced by integrating surveillance features into the wireless network, such as CCTV or video monitoring of the store premises and even remote locations such as parking lots, loading docks, and delivery areas, thus discouraging theft as well as mitigating unpleasant customer experiences.

Marketing and merchandising

Wireless network connectivity makes marketing efforts more fun and engaging for customers. Digital signages outside the store can be easily controlled and programmed through wireless connectivity, enticing more visitors and foot traffic into the establishment. Videos and other material can also be played on screens and programmed strategically to show the right content at the right times.

Implementing remote or offsite sales events are also made easier. The operations within the actual brick-and-mortar store can be replicated, from inventory monitoring to POS systems and merchandising. Even the actual event itself can be made more exciting, with games and activities that involve technology such as virtual reality.

Providing free Wi-Fi connection to customers is possible not only inside the store, but in such remote locations as well. Online promotional activities and applications made available through Internet connectivity can encourage customers to generate more positive feedback about the establishment and its products and services.

Investing in Wi-Fi connectivity

Wireless Internet connectivity could be considered an indispensable tool for businesses today. It not only makes operations more efficient, it also enhances the overall retail experience of customers.

Finding the right wireless technology solutions may be costly at first, but the returns on investment are great and tangible in the long run. Just be sure to choose the right service provider who are reliable and reputable not just in installing wireless networks, but also in maintaining and updating it to suit changing business needs and requirements.