We all know that even for the biggest tech lovers around, wearables can sometimes seem a little bit extravagant. But if you have not considered just how wearables can enhance your productivity, it is certainly time to do so.

Whether you love to go out for a run, are hesitant to whip out a phone in a meeting or movie theater, or simply don’t want any more cumbersome tablets slowing you down on your morning commute, wearables can streamline your communications systems and set you up for success. Bringing a wearable into your daily routine means that you will have constant access to your e-mail and updates from social media. You will also be able to sync to your calendar for reminders about important events of the day, and make calls to friends and family who are wondering just when you will take a break from work. Wearables will make your life simpler, easier to manage, and a lot more accessible to those who care about you.

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