How do the two major operation systems stack up against each other when it comes to software? That’s a perennial question in the personal computing industry. The quick answer is that it really depends on your personal requirements. Here’s a quick look at each, with their relative strengths.

Apple OS

Apple is usually the first choice of artists, students, filmmakers and designers. The reliability of the computing environment and the powerful visual processing capabilities make even the most basic Mac laptop a feasible solution for image modification, light gaming and compiling. Many professionals upgrade to computers like a Mac desktop or the MacBook Pro. Photographers, sound engineers, programmers, hardcore gamers or architects often need the increased processing power, expanded memory and high-definition Retina displays to stay competitive.

As far as the basics are concerned, all the major web browsers work on Mac OS. Your local Mac service center can show you how to install and access all the software you need from the online App Store, including popular office suites and proprietary Mac programs such as iMovie and iBooks. Apple computers also support multiple operating systems: you can run Windows on your Mac.



Windows machines are potentially more versatile and powerful than Macs. However, you usually spend as much or more when building a PC with specs that rival a comparable Apple computer. It’s also rare to find a Windows PC that competes with Apple hardware in terms of physical appearance, regardless of performance level.


On potential benefit is that Windows users have the option to choose a low-performance machine. The biggest purchasers of Windows PC’s are businesses: the low minimum purchase price and bare-bones functionality of these computers is hard to argue with when it comes to considering your bottom line.

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