Choosing the best college is a must for better future prospects. You need to have a good knowledge about the infrastructure, curriculum of a college in order to make a wise decision. Similarly, if you want to pursue a degree in one of the best tech schools of Boston and you are confused as to which one should you zoom in on, go for a tour. A tour here means, a tour to some of the best tech campuses of Boston.  Now, just browsing through booklets, brochures and the Internet wouldn’t help you get a lot of material or rather know about these campuses. In order to get an in-depth insight into these, you should opt for a tour.  Planning a tour of Boston’s tech campuses might become a hassle because of the myriad of options it offers. From MIT to Harward, Boston is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. To make it easier for you, we have a few hacks. For instance, you can rent your own group Boston charter bus. Well, this is just one of the many tips. Check out this list to have a better knowledge:

Boston University:

Boston University houses 18,000 students. The education system is highly personalised to suit the requirements of the students. The ration of students and faculty is 10:1. The ratio in itself talks of the kind of education system offered by the university. Now, if you are planning to tour around this university, you need to schedule your visit at least three weeks in advance. It welcomes a group of 10-15 students for a tour throughout the campus every year. You either need to fill a request form or call at 6173532300 to schedule a tour.  A BU student can conduct such a tour. These tours are available for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

You can rent a charter bus, which will drop you outside the visitor’s centre at Bay State Road. Private buses cannot be parked on campus.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

If science and technology interest you, and you want to excel in these respective fields, MIT is certainly your cup of tea. You should take a tour to MIT, to learn about its campus life, admission procedures and academic programs. You will get a 75-min long tour when you book a visit to the college. The tour will include place such as the Stratton Student Center, Kresge Auditorium, Zesiger athletic centre etc. However, you should be sure about the time when you plan a tour to MIT as there are certain times of the year when the college doesn’t allow a tour. Also, if the tour is booked by a teacher or school counselor, MIT will waive the tour fees.  Lastly, the concerned bus can drop you off at 84 Massachusetts Avenue, post which you can make your way to MIT.

Harvard  University:

This prestigious institute which is also considered to be one of the best Ivy League schools in the country entertains around 15-100 participants for a campus tour.  Such tours are led by current Harvard students. Also, if you are travelling with a Massachusetts public school group, you can ask for a discount or fee waiver. The person who plays your guide during the tour will make you understand the various aspects of the university through his/her personal experience. In case of queries regarding admissions, housing, financial aid etc, these guides will be happy to help you. Lastly, the driver will drop the students off at Mt. Auburn Street, between Holyoke Street and Plympton.

Northeastern University:

High school and college transfer students can book group tours to the Northeastern University through the office of Undergraduate Admissions here. However, you have to keep in mind that you request a tour at least two weeks in advance. A group tour can accommodate 40 students at the max. The driver of the bus can drop off students on Forsyth Street near Ruggles station. The tour starts off at the Visitor’s Centre at 40 Leon Street.

Boston College:

Keen on getting admitted to Boston College to pursue an MA degree in computer science? Plan a tour in and around the college to have better knowledge. The college accepts more than ten participants to have a look of the campus, its infrastructure and various other nitty gritty which will help you make a wise decision. One can opt for the Eagle Eye Campus visit which is a two-hour-long tour. The tour involves a campus tour and information session. The tour is generally conducted by the college students. Also, they are answerable to all your questions. So you can ask as many questions you want to.