Amazon on Thursday announced that it will now start offering all their consumers unlimited storage on the Amazon cloud drive under two plans. This move was directly targeted towards the packed market on the cloud storage.

With this new announcement and the new products there will be an increased pressure on the existing cloud storage companies like the Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many other storage competitors in the market.

According to Josh Petersen, director of Amazon Cloud Drive, with the increase in the number of people trying to store the memories about their vacations, birthdays and other moments and still not aware about how many gigabytes they will need to store all these or back these up.

He further added that with the help of these new plans which have been introduced today, customers will no longer have to be concerned about the storage space. They will now have the option of storing unlimited amount of memories in the form of videos, music, pictures and also files in a convenient and secured manner and that too falling under affordable range.

Even though this might not be the first storage being offered in the market, but Amazon is one such company which has taken this a step ahead by offering this unlimited option to the common public.

amazon_1Store anything from photos to files:

Having access to the unlimited photo storage option of Amazon is already available to the customers who either have access to Amazon Fire device or even if they are a member of the Amazon Prime. But post this announcement this service will now be open to other customers also.

As per the press release of the Amazon, the non-Prime members will now be able to access the unlimited photo storage option for paying just $11.99 per year. This plan will also comprise of access to 5 GB of storage for storing other digital files like documents, videos etc.

On the other hand a customer might have to pay around $59.99 per year for being a member of the Unlimited Everything Plan and they will be able to do everything that has been promised by the company. The kicker is that both these plans come with an option of a three month of trial period before the actual annual fee can start.

amazon_2Increasing greed for storage:

While it might not be possible to guess whether Amazon will be able to create unlimited amount of space, the amount of data that is being created can certainly encourage the companies to increase their pace.

As per the recent statistics people upload around 1 billion photos by using services like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. This can certainly raise a serious question on the amount of photos that is being taken every year.

Adding to this the other kinds of storage files like documents, and videos, we have certainly created new words like infinite and unlimited to discuss about out the need of cloud storage. Due to increasing need of cloud storage it also increases the chances of privacy issues as well as criminal investigations.

At the end, using this new service from Amazon, the users will be able to organize their data storage and might cut down on USB devices and external drives.