spice dream 2Android one is recognized as one of the options under Google that today gets in the hands of the users from Spice. Nowadays with the evolution of technology Spice emerges as the popular brand that comes out with the UNO Mi 498 where you can ascertain the real time importance of technology. The model features the 4.5inch display along with the optimistic features. It represents the comprehensive interface that even supports the 4GB storage capacity along with expandable memory. The users can even insert the SD card that accumulates the capacity up to 32GB. The good-looking model accumulates the advanced features that even come out with a better functionality.
The Technical FeaturesAndroid One comprises of the suitable display that features the resolution of 854*480 pixels. Alongside, you can discover the 5Megapixel camera along with the LED flash on the rear end. The camera consists of the Google App instead of the normal Android feature. The user would not be able to take the snap until he/she possesses the external SD card. So, it maintains the strong security measures preventing any unauthorized access. Hence, you can utilize the features in the right way realizing the real time benefits in the technical field. Also, you need to press the left portion of the screen to activate the camera option. It stands completely differs from the normal camera applications installed in other handsets. You can get access to the settings options that would help to alter the features such as front camera, flash etc. Make sure that you are able to handle the features properly at your ease. Therefore, get familiar with the entire system that helps you to manage the operations eliminating all the hurdles.


Responsive Outputs

Spice dreamThe Android One comes out with the responsive display along with 1.3Ghz Quad core processor. Besides, it comprises of the 1GB Ram that is responsible for a better performance. Unlike other smart phones it do not hand or malfunction due to which you can operate it safely without any worries. It supports the 3G network and thus you can stay connected with a high-speed internet access. It even accumulates the strong battery life with the 1700mAh that gives you the better support. Therefore, you can use the 3G option unified with the extreme brightness without getting the battery dead. Moreover, you can receive 25GB of cloud storage without paying any additional cost. Therefore, you can experience the beneficial solutions within the suitable monetary statement.

Other Amenities

You are able to acknowledge the particular smart phone easily purchasing the product online. However, ensure that you receive the suitable features that you should have according to the price you pay. Once, you understand the complete system, you proceed to get the stuff featuring the modern technical attributes. The Spice UNO offers the extensive range of beneficial features that the users wait to have. Experience the original outputs of the decent camera and even you can share the images instantly after the click.