The new version of iOS released by Apple on Thursday saw the addition of racial diversity in their existing emoji library. The previous version used to have the faired faced but the new collection comprises of black, brown, golden yellow faces as well. In addition to this, there are emojis of same sex families as well as couples too.

According to Carolina Milanesi who is the chief of research and head of Kantar for U.S. business, Emoji have become a important medium for expression and part of people’s lives. Teens now use these to communicate among themselves.

She further added that lately lot of discussion and debates have been raised about the non-representation of Hispanics and African-Americans in the emojis. She also stated that if this can be considered as life changing, but it is considered important in many people lives.

emojiEmoji and bug fixing in the new version

According to Michael Morgan, an independent mobile devices analyst, the pace of development at Apple can be very much seen in the time that they have taken to very much expand the iOS emoji library in its 8.3 version. He further added that they would love to see this addition in the 8.0 version itself.

This clearly highlights that the Apple development engine is facing some kind of trouble that they are unable to keep up with the pace. Company has been working on fixing a lot of glitches and bugs lately. According to Van Baker who is VP for Mobility division, nothing seems to be new in the latest version of iOS apart from bug fixes and addition of new emojis in the library.

He also added that the company has been able to use of usable tweaks in the mobile version of OS. For example, the users will be able to turn off the demand for passwords when downloading any files from iTunes store. The company has also added support for the two-factor authentication for Google wherein the users do not need to use two separate passwords to access the apps on the iOS device.

emojisFixes for CarPlay

The company has also released fixed for their popular motor vehicle entertainment system, CarPlay. It has able to fix the issue with maps coming with black screen and stopped the appearance of keyboard on the CarPlay screen when it was not required.

The company has been able to enable the wireless support as well. The company however can expect some serious challenge from the Auto telematics in next five to ten years. The more he added that mobile and car industries will have to get their functions aligned and get the alignment set in terms of development cycle.

A lot of work is required to change the perspective towards the car OEMs in order to make them be able to catch up with the mobile pace.

Additional fixes

The new version of the OS also saw fixes in terms of rotational and orientation problems. The message app of Apple has received some updates too. Maps will be able to provide clear pronunciation of the street name when using the navigation.