The world of social media platform is extremely competitive and innovative and comes with its own share of ups and downs. Twitter has long been reigning as the second most loved and used social media platform. With an aim of improving the content and usability of the website Twitter has brought a new timeline features which has simply left people clueless and bewildered. It is worth noting that Twitter timeline changes come after the changes brought about by the Google on its Google Plus social platform.

Twitter has done major shakeup to its timeline after a considerably long time and now its offers more options to the users to organize the content on the basis of relevancy. To put in simple words users will be able to organize some of the messages on the timeline based in the relevancy rather than earlier method of recently published posts.


Changing ‘timeline’ relevancy irks users

A British government body made the best use of the Twitter new timeline features by reorganizing the content and messages displayed on its account. This particular government body is called Transport of London which manages most of the transit system in Greater London area. It even issued a post which stated that account will focus on providing major events on the account rather than the minor ones. In other words the major issues concerning its users will be displayed more provocatively than the minor issues and alerts.

But these changes backfired and irked its users so much that the government body shifted away from making any changes to the account. On the contrary it even objected the way changes are being proposed by the Twitter in its new timeline feature.

Twitter users are confused with new timeline

A large number of users are vocal about the changes brought in by the Twitter and they had expressed their confusion on various forums. Most of the people rely on the Twitter for the timely updates or rather real time updates but the new changes simply turn it out of order and make life difficult for the ordinary users.

Changes in timeline feature is out of context

Twitter has very efficiently described all the features brought in with the new timeline but it doesn’t go well in all the situations. For instance if a user turns on the ‘Show my best Tweets’ option then a certain number of messages remains out of order. If a message happens to be out of the chronological place then it will be displayed right below it with the time stamp which quite confusing for the users. Recent messages function has some bugs, which don’t remove the pinned down message from the top of the user’s timeline.

Social media is all about keeping it touch and remain updated with the recent happening in the world. Contrary to this belief, Twitter new timeline simply fails to deliver the same lively message display on the account and keeps confusing the users by placing message out of order and it seriously affects the popularity and usability of the Twitter as an esteemed social media platform.