Ice Bucket ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a motor neuron disease that basically paralyses your whole body and there is no cure either. Stephen Hawkings is one such famous example of the disease. Utmost care is needed for such patients and must research is needed to provide proper medication and prevention. ALS Foundations all over the world need funding and this is where ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comes in. Originally associated with ALS Association UK, people can fund to any one of their favorite ALS foundations in their local area as well.

The Origin

It all started in North America with people engaging in cold water challenge where they would pour chilled water failing which they would donate to charity or research involving cancer and other treatments. However, it shot to fame with Ice Bucket challenge performed by personalities from the show “Morning Drive” on June 30, 2014. The challenge then featured in TV performed by Matt Lauer and then it soon hit social media starting with Twitter. Since then it has been performed by celebrities like Justin Beiber, Russell Brand, LeBron James as well as former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton whoever Barack Obama and David Cameron both have turned it down in lieu of donation instead.

The Rules of the Game

The rules are very simple – within 24 hours of being challenged by someone, you have to take a video clip of yourself being drenched in a bucket full of ice water, which shall be poured over your head, and then you will challenge 2 or more person for it and it goes on. The initial version was a $10 donation on successful challenge under taken and $100 if you turn it down. However, this has led some to blame it as a form of “slacktivism” instead.

Ice Bucket The Effects

The Ice Bucket Challenge has become a part of the pop-culture with everybody attempting it and sharing videos on social platforms. Till date ALS Foundation has already acquired in excess of $100 million in funds along with other organizations as well. As of now about 1.2 million videos on Facebook and 2.2 million tweets have been registered with this challenge according to NYTimes.


Nothing can get away without a fair share of criticism. Many have termed it as “slacktivism” and an alternative strategy to gain media hype. American TV personality Steeve-O has questioned the fact that only $15 million from celebrities is too low considering the people who participated. Further criticisms include adverse effect on health due to cold temperatures according to Dr. Brian O’Neill of Detroit Medical Centre. California has also criticized it owing to wastage of water and a drought in the neighboring regions. Many have also questioned the research related to ALS, which uses animals and embryonic stem cells.

The Ice bucket challenge has become the “Harlem Shake” of summer this 2014and has increased awareness about ALS and thus leading to plenty of contributions to the foundations all over the world. So if you have not taken the challenge already, go have a blast with some ice!