Budget PhoneFrom 8 to 80, everyone has a own desire to buy an Android smart device for them. But the tragic part is that, they have to think about their financial while buying an Android device. But you can grab some decent Android phone with good features within your budget. In this post I have shared the good things that are to be considered while buying an Android device in the market. While considering a device for buying under low budget, make sure that the device has these following features present in it. Before buying a device, you should know a detailed information about the device. From this post, you can check whether the device can be eligible for your budget or not.Processor: The first and foremost thing that you should is to consider is its processor, while buying a budget device, you should at least buy the device with dual core processor. If you go for low end configuration, then you would end in high tragedy. Higher the processor, higher the performance; when the clock speed increases, your performance rate will also go higher. It is strongly advised to buy a dual core processor, then you may escape from the lagging problem on your mobile device.

RAM: The next thing that you should care about is that its RAM size; if you want to play more than one application at the same time, then you should go for more RAM. Increase in RAM increases multitasking process, with higher capacity you can play high end graphic game on your mobile devices. For games such as Temple Run and other higher graphics game, you need a mobile with high capacity RAM. Suppose, if you were buying an Android device with less amount of RAM, you cannot use your device up to its extreme performance.

Operating System: The next criteria that we should care about while buying a device it its operating system. Most of the device comes with android jelly bean operating system, and make sure that while buying a device, check that the android device comes with future updates. So that you can update the operating system of your device in future time.

Connectivity: Before buying an Android device, you should also concentrate about the connectivity features of the device. Buy devices with basic connectivity features such as WI-Fi that allows you to connect to the internet routers without wired connections and GPS that allows you to locate your places. For better navigation system, you need a device with GPS connection and also with 3G connection.

Think twice before buying an Android device, if you were buying on a low budget, you should keep in mind that the above information should be present in that mobile. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates.