GunWhenever you hear the word 3D printed handgun the only name that will ring the bell is Cody Wilson. A law student from the University of Texas and also founder of the non profitable organization of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson is the man who started the first fully 3D printed handgun. Wilson is known to be a self-identified gun rights activist and anarchist. Wilson as his own unique style and has brought about a new craze with a difference to the world of handguns.Apart from the other interesting works of Cody Wilson like the gun worked with the 3D printer where the device can simply produce solid objects or particles out of digital schematics the most interesting and helpful is the Ghost Gunner which uses the CNC milling idea designed to generate a lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-manually worked rifle which in common man’s terms is a foundation for a weapon. Just so you know as termed by gun control advocates all guns with no serial numbers as deemed as “Ghost Guns” and this is how eventually the name Ghost Gunner came into the picture. Ideally, though manufacturing of gun bodies is not illegal, but selling unlicensed is considered as illegal.

As claimed by Defense Distributed website the “80% lower” is pretty more obtainable rather than the fully aluminum block as the 80% lower is just not finished but with a few a changes it is for sure ready to use. The website quotes that “Just follow a few simple instructions to mount your 80% lower receiver, tighten a couple screws (with simple tools we provide), and on the other day, Ghost Gunner may help you legally manufacture un-serialized firearms in the comfort of your own home.”

Cody Wilson has a price tag for each of his semi-automatic weapons, making machines at $1,299 which has apparently made it untraceable, however, over the past with the growing technology and the years to go by and with the want of the higher ends requestor the price tag has dropped lesser. Cody Wilson has quoted that their strategy is to literalize and reify their worst nightmare, to give them to rest of the world,” he said.

As this is a un-serialed process with no background checks done and no wait periods involved the Ghost Gunner is showing up to be popular. The resale of the machine has been both “incredible” and “overwhelming” though the machine is in its 3rd round of sale.

Cody Wilson has brought about a change in multiple ways to the handgun be it technology, styling or art, designing and most importantly the way an individual thinks. Anyone can now just visit the web site of Defense Distributed which as mentioned earlier is a nonprofit organization and download the design as desired. As noted the response has been both incredible and overwhelming. As per the results of the product blog the Ghost Gunner’s has had a wopping increase in its price from $999 to $1,299.