Blackberry has always been considered dear by corporates especially when it comes to group management through mobile devices. Group management brings about ease of operation in corporate where people are working at different times and from different places.

Blackberry’s new BES 12 is a single server containing one management console that can manage upto 25000 devices. Now that is one huge of management isn’t it?

BES 12 is a revolution in itself, mainly because of the single server management. It not only has shortened the timeline gaps but also has brought down the trouble of establishing different servers at different locations. You now would have a control from a single point- from a single server, with BES 12 looking after management of device and application and even the security of the system.

Value Added Services

There are many Value Added Services you would get when you opt for the BES 12 system. They are summed up below.

Virtual SIM Processing

You can get upto 9 digit virtual number that can be controlled by your company. This makes sure that your employee does not take away your business calls when he quits your company. Also roaming on the SIM can be controlled as per requirement.

Protected Conversation

A BBM protection is provided through which your employee can converse or transfer confidential information and files among themselves without worries of them being stolen.

BlackberryMeeting Tool

A BBM Meetings Tool is available with BES 12 at a very small subscription of $150 per host per year. This tool makes it possible to conduct meetings of your employees from virtually. You would have to schedule a meeting on your device.

At the scheduled time the device dials you and all the persons whom you would want to attend the meeting. Thus you would never miss a meeting and things would carry on as programmed. A single host can add upto 24 others for the meeting.

Along with this there are other tools too as value added services such as the virtual token system that enable you to issue a token from your phone, Voice Encryption which enables you to send coded voice messages that can be opened by specific devices only.

Blackberry blend is another service which enables you to connect with other devices such as laptop from your mobile. There is lot of security provided while doing so because confidentiality is the call here.

How to Get These Services

In fact you need not get each and every one of these services separately. You just get BES 12 service which comes with a gold or silver license subscription; all these value added services would then follow on with zero license charges

These value added services would actually be a boon to those small scale enterprises that are have employees deployed at various places working in unison on a project that would need lots of group chats and files to be exchanged.