Today Google stands synonymous with easy online life from email, to digital maps, to online storage and to news as well. But looks like the company is all set to take over the television through their Chromecast, which is currently available in Walmart at $29.99.

The dongle is leading the list by overtaking Amazon’s Fire TV stick. Portability has been known as the most appealing features of this device. Not to mention paying $35 to get access to Spotify, Hulu, HBO GO and wirelessly stream Netflix and many more from PC or mobile to TV.

Chromecast_1The device has built in apps for getting latest updates on sports, work out tricks and music as well. The device was rolled out in July and was quickly sold out in the market. Now that the device is back in the store, the sales seem to be increasing day by day.

According to Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Google Chrome, their company has been able to sell out millions of the Chormecast.

The company has already announced the rolling out of new updates for the device. They are working on making the device screen more appealing. Even though this device is all about plug and play, there are some of the tricks which can make the entire experience magical.

  1. Game Time:

Even though the device is not like a PlayStation, but it can be very much used for playing games. Games can be downloaded on their Android phone or tablets and use the same to play on the TV. Here the phone will act as the controller.

  1. Change Background:

You can use the different selection of pictures given by Google or even your own photo to change the background of the device.

  1. Photos:

The users can use the app called as the PhotoCast to show photos, they don’t need a projector to do this work. It is important to remember that the device and the Chromecast are required to be on the same wireless network.Chromecast_2

  1. Turn your TV into DJ:

User can now use their TV as DJ by means of their Chromecast devices. They just need to download Google play music and sync the same with the device containing the music.

  1. Quiet Time:

The user can now create a quiet time when watching TV. They can play the videos on the TV, but by means of LocalCast keep the audio on their Android devices. Then it’s the matter of keeping the headphones to get the audio.

  1. Streaming:

The user will be able to change the quality of their streaming by using the Chrome browser. This will require installation of the Chromecast extension.

  1. Selfie:

The Recent update rolled out by the company allows the user to mirror what they see on the TV as well. So whatever you see on you Android device will be on the TV also.

  1. Remote Control:

The device can used for switching on, off, change inputs and also control features by using the mobile device itself.