Today, most of the users would be using Microsoft Windows OS and would be working with numerous huge essential and important data and information that concerns either residential or commercial prospects or even both. In most of the cases, users might suffer from difficulties in doing backup and recovery of information for migrating or storing data for future use. In this case, windows compatible backup and recovery software are found to be higher priced and are rarely provided to be available online. So, in order to help each and every user of Windows to do an effective backup of important data and information, the new version of Todo Backup Home 8.3 has been offered by the EaseUS. EaseUS is one among the most effective and beneficial windows system software providers to provide best supportive partition, recover and backup software. In this way, EaseUS has been offering the best affordable backup software that would be compatible with all windows OS versions for both Desktops and Laptops.

Newly Added Features

The new Todo Backup software has got additional support for multilingual translation upgrade package and has got optimized with super long file backup facility. Users could be able to choose different options to exchange the backup and recovery process under dynamic favorable conditions with the help of Todo Backup Home 8.3. In addition to this feature, EaseUS have added better compatibility to Windows 10 with unimpeded email notification access. This software will give extensive support to do a complete backup and also given support to store the backup files to several dynamic storage devices like external hardisk, FTP server, network and shared location, DVD, NAS, and so on.

This backup software is very efficient as it helps to helps each and every user to backup entire applications, configurations and even the operating system of the device in a single compressed file. If a user is a need or necessity to back up the volume or a disk drive of the hardisk, then, he or she could make use of the disk imaging options to make block level disk image in faster means. The file backup option will allow the user to back up the selected files, folders and shared files on the network that are tend to be specific. In order to increase the backup facility of emails, this Home version of Todo Backup comes with an Outlook backup option, which will help the users to mails in outlook express and save them in a very safe way.

Recovery Features and Exclusive Benefits

One of the main special benefits of this EaseUS home version would be the provision of support and enhanced features for the users to make use of free Windows 10 backup utility. With this feature and facility, users could make migrations and clone files either to SSD or HDD and could upgrade them. Users could also be able to access image files and manage to backup files and folders using backup management. Being made to support latest and upcoming HDD standards, this EaseUS 8.3 Todo backup will be compatible with GPT / UEFI for recovery. Additionally, the system restores, system migration & transfer and several selective restore options would help users to make recovery at best effective manner.