iPhone 6The iPhone 6 models of Apple were greatly believed to use sapphire screens before the launch, however the true fact is that this glass was not prepared with such expensive gem. Since then, there have been several assumptions as to what occurred. Before the launching, the news about Apple’s special deal of $578 million with sapphire glass manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies appeared to suggest that this sapphire was a real fact. But after the release of iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus without the application of this gemstone, GTAT filed for bankruptcy protection. They seek permission from the court to bring an end to Arizona Sapphire plant at Mesa. Later, some news source declared about a good deal between the two firms but it later created a problem.The court of New Hampshire court published various files from bankruptcy filing of GTAT. The materials were formerly kept out of public notice to defend confidentiality deals between the two companies, but a judge finally determined that the information must be revealed publicly. From the Apple court filing, it is known that Apple is biggest sufferer of GTAT’s inability to carry out under the contracts it negotiated.
Response of Apple to GTAT
iPhone 6
Up to the date when the filings were revealed, Apple did not say anything where as GTAT executives have accused the former one for the harassment. On the other hand, Apple did not want to agree with their claims. Apple has agreed to work with Debtors, and also to make payments to the firm in spite of the company’s incapability to meet the high performance as it expected to get the gemstone from the Debtors. When GTAT was not able to produce sapphire of a certain large size that it agreed to create, Apple wanted to discuss about the matter and accept the sapphire of smaller size.Before the release of bankruptcy filing, Apple declares that it continued to do work with the supplier. In an effort to help GTAT, the iPhone maker stated that it was ready to pay a huge amount of the $139 million remaining balance in the prepayment contract, and it also wanted to help GTAT to trade further sapphire furnaces to the third parties. 

GTAT against Apple


GTAT expressed that it plans to leave the sapphire making business only after its contract with Apple, while the iPhone maker stated it was prepared to consider a transfer of the business at Mesa to any other party. Apple actually wants to check whether the Mesa facility is viable to yield sapphire its products. GT Advanced claims that its contract with Apple was burdensome one that favored the company- Cupertino, Calif. GTAT has reported that it thought of all of the risks, whereas Apple took nothing, and it resulted to an unjustly one-sided deal.

At present, Apple uses scratch-proof sapphire crystal to guard the fingerprint sensor on the Touch ID home tab. Although GTAT would perhaps leave the business of sapphire creation, the officials of the company expect that they will be capable to come out from bankruptcy and start the firm as an equipment supplier.