Apple released the latest version of the mobile OS named iOS 10 and it started doing round of various forums for glitches. A number of users have reported facing a wide number of issued related to downloading as well as installing the updates. In some cases iPhones simply froze or asked the users to perform a factory restore which will consequently end up in deleting all the data and settings present on the device itself.

Error, error and more error messages

After performing the download and starting the installation process over Wi-Fi, the iPhone started showing an error window and asked users to connect to the iTunes present on their computer. Even connecting to the iTunes brought another error window stating that iPhone is suffering from a problem and it needs to be either updated or restored. Restoring the device will result in losing all the data and settings along with apps on the phone.

Apple comes to iPhone user’s rescue

Apple has released a statement wherein it asserted that only a small number of iPhone users have experienced problems and issue during the first hour of update availability. This problem has been resolved by the Apple quickly and an advisory was issued to the affected users. Apple has asked users to update their iTunes present on the computer to latest version of 12.5.1 and then try to update their while their phone plugged to the computer. Apple has even asked disgruntled users to contact AppleCare if they are unable to help themselves in resolving the issue.

A respite for users

It takes 3 hours to download and upload the latest update of iOS 10 to the iPhone device but it was worth it. There is a great benefit for the iOS users that they can easily upgrade their device to new version of OS each year. This feature is sorely missed on the Google’s Android platform as OEM doesn’t give focus towards bringing the latest version of Android on their device in quick succession.

It has been seen over the years that iOS tends to have a number of bugs during it initial release but Apple ensure that the issues and glitches are resolved as quickly as possible in order to provide best OS experience to the users. It is vital for the iOS users to ensure that their iPhones and iPads are backed up on the iCloud before they initiate the upgrading process. In case things went south and users had to restore their device then having their data on the cloud will ensure that it can be easily backed up on the device later.

Huge scare for customers two year back

Just two years back Apple has launched the iOS 8 and it was filled with bug which caused a huge scare among the users. A bug present within the system prevented the iPhone users from connecting to cellular networks. Apart from this Touch Id, Healthkit and others apps became buggy which seriously underplayed the potential of the iPhones. All this resulted in Apple removing the update to iOS 8 within an hour of its release.