COSPLAY SUIT means wearing a costume of their favourite character and interacting amongst your friends who have a similar passion. Slowly over the year’s one of the fans have even built for him a fully functioning batman suit with a few gadgets,but there is someone who has built a BATMAN ARKHAM suit with almost 23functional gadgets that is JULIAN CHECKLEY.


He has worked in the film industry as a model maker, art director and in creature’s effect. The good job of Julian Checkley, built the batman suit along with his team has raised himself in the Guinness book of world records. The idea of the suit was inspired from video BATMAN ARKHAM game series .The day BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT was launched the news about this gadget was revealed.

It took a lot of pain to assemble the parts, air brushing, changing the rivets from moulded to real and making under vest-type thing that’s tough, flexible and lightweight. The suit that was based on Bruce Wayne’s outfit from the Batman Arkham Origins video game was 3D printed and then moulded and cast in a flexible Urethane rubber.

They then trimmed, detailed and painted before being mounted on a specially designed under suit.They mounted all the other parts to it and also used it to anchor the cape. Checkley’s costumes include fold able batarangs that can be stored on him while in costumes as well as a working fireball gauntlet. All the armour pieces for the costumes were3 D printed by Kevun LeProps, which Checkley then painted and assembled for the suit. The ingenious gadgets are concealed and attached to the batman suit.

After the 23 gadgets increased in complexity and as his project progressed, Julian then took the help of an electrical engineer to create the most important and challenging gadget the 2000watt EMP Stun gun.


If you are curious to know which gadgets are equipped in Julian Cos play then check the following as below:

Fireball Shooter, Gauntlet Video Screens x 2, Bat Tracking Beacon, Bat Sign Projector, Folding Batarang, CowlRespirator, The Bat Flask, Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun, Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device, Bat Shuriken x 4, UV Lamp,Medi-kit, Ball Bearing Grenades x 2, GauntletFlashlight,Battery Pack, Laser Designator, Bat-cam, Strobe Stun Gun, GasDispenser, Smoke Bombs x 2, Concealed Laryngeal Microphone, Two-way Radio, Grapnel Gun.

After completing it Checkley himself was dressed up with the costume and took to the rooftops of Galwaywith professional photographers and collaborators KamilKrawczal to capture the picture. A drone was also use to capture some of the pictures. He found it very comfortable, lightest, most flexible costume he had ever made.

Thinking about his incredible creation as to how he spent many long hours trying devising the gadgets and finding out ways how to store them on the suit. Now he is very proud to be in the Guinness world Records title and to be a part of Gamer’s Edition in the next level.