Google +In this world of technology and internet, social media play an important role in each and every issue in this world. In this world of technology, you can get anything you want from the social media. For example, if you were running a business, you can grab tons of audience from the users from the social media itself. By creating a fan page, you can grab audiences from the internet users and provide more information for the internet users from the social media itself.While comparing to Facebook, Google Plus has more advantages and it grabs more audiences from the internet users very easily. Day by day, Google Plus is increasing its varieties of options to enhance the efficiency of the Google Plus users. If you were using Google Plus, you can increase the audiences in the internet by simply creating a fan pages in the Google Plus. In this article I have mentioned the best extensions for the Google Chrome especially for the Google Plus users.

G+ Extended:

This is an excellent extension for the Google Chrome and if you want to get the shortcuts of your posts in your Google Chrome Browser, you can use this extension in your Chrome. Whenever a post is posted or anyone sent you a message, then you can get notification in your browser itself without accessing the Google Plus. You need to simply add your account information in your account then you will grab the notifications directly in your personal computer.

G+ Count in Title:

G+ Count in Title is an excellent extension for your Google Chrome Browser, if you were running a page in the Google Plus, then G+ Count in Title will be perfect choice for you to obtain the notifications in your browser itself. Whenever a person is running a page for their business, then you can get variety of information about that page without accessing the page from the browsers. If anyone hits a follow button in your page, then it will be directly loaded into your account without any sort of actions.

+Comment Toggle

When the Google Plus server is busy, you can hide the comments in your Google Plus Page with the help of this extension. +Comment Toggle is a perfect choice for you when you were maintaining a solid page in the Google Plus, +Comment Toggle allows you to turn or turn off the comments in your Google Plus from the Google Chrome Browser itself.

Helper For Google+

With the help of this extension, you will be get notified with a single click from the Google Chrome Browsers itself. The notifications will be directly notified in your desktop itself. The one more advantage of this extension is that, it will provide audio information in your desktop. And also it allows you to translate the text from the internet in a click.

Here is the best list of extensions for your Google Chrome browser if you were Google Plus Fans.