British Airways introduces a Pilot Photo App that will get the passengers personalized memento for the trip

Air commutation has lost its glamor significantly as contrasted as what it was in the recent past. As a matter of fact, an air travel schedule not excites the travelers much. As if it has turned as simple and common as calling a cab for local traveling. The course of the flight schedule is as simple as doing other daily activities in life. This indifferent attitude prevents the commuters to make a note of the parties who worked behind the screen to make the commutation safe and comfortable. But, the pilots for British Airways have conceived a new concept that will make the trip personal as well as memorable.

A photo app that will enable the passengers to collate a worthy memento of the flight

A flock of pilots serving British Airways have been instrumental in developing a unique photo app for the passengers what will enable them to have a snap of the cockpit from their seats. This photo app that has been given the name “View from the Flight Deck” will be incorporated in the iPad, commencing from August. This Photo app will facilitate the travelers to take the photo of the cockpit before and after the flight.

Once the photo is taken, the Photo app will automatically get forwarded to the passengers who will receive the photo along with graphics that will be displaying the facts, related to their flight. The data will include the details of the Captain, aircraft type, the route of commutation, and other topics related to the flight. Passengers are encouraged for sharing the picture over the social media platform.

British Airways is researching for ways to make the flying experience personal and memorable

Captain Charlie Maunder, Head of Flight operations with British Airways stated that flying is an inherent point of interest for the pilots. They tend to share their flying experience with people in their network. Hence, pilots love the passengers meeting them at the cockpit.

He said British Airways is considering new and innovative ways to present their passengers a memorable flying experience and the photo app is a crucial step to accomplish that objective. As he further added, British airways will be putting their best efforts to develop innovative techniques to make the passengers relish their flying schedule and to implement some unique approaches that will make the flying experience to endure in the minds of the passengers forever.

The initiative definitely sounds interesting and it will, for sure, enable the passengers to remember their flying experience for the longest span of time. In addition, it will even make the flying experience more personalized.

Aside, these photos will be a truly worthy item as a collectible. Assume, you are flying abroad for a business meet or a conference or you are simply heading for a vacation; these photos will turn to the most significant and worthy memento of the trip.

In the opinion of the experts, this is a move that is really worthy of appreciation. They foresee that even the other flight operator will try to match the endeavors of British Airways. On the whole, it will enhance the quality of the flying experience.