Ever thought of designing and building your own smartphone by putting in the best processor, more RAM, better camera, additional Micro SD card slot and even pumping up the battery, yes Fairphone offers it. Well now it can all seem possible as some of the mobile manufacturers are offering modular smartphones which can be customized internally as per the need of the user. Modular design concept is relatively new in the smartphone segment and it is quiet in budding stage where users will get a chance to change different components of the device much like the Lego blocks.

What users can do with modular smartphone?

If you are not happy with quality of camera provided with the smartphone then you can swap it for a much better and high end camera. If you love to watch lots of videos, movies and other stuff on your smartphone then you can swap the available screen display for a vibrant and great screen. If your battery gets depleted frequently and doesn’t seem to last whole day then it can be swapped for more powerful battery. In similar fashion the sound modules, processor and other hardware parts can be swapped for better alternatives without the need of changing the phone.

Fairphone _2

Nowadays smartphone companies like Fairphone offers a lot of customization offers but these are basically restricted to the outside look of the devices. Herein users can choose from a wide range of custom backs made out of wood and leather as in case of Motorola devices but users are still stuck with pre-bundled processor, battery and other hardware components.

But with modular design like Fairphone users will get the ability to move away from the pre-bundled set of hardware placed by the manufacturers. Modular design will also help in saving hundreds of dollars by simply changing or upgrading the internal hardware components for a better one.

LG experiments with modular design concept

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona LG has revealed its latest G5 flagship which breathes with modular design. With LG G5 company is offering a chance to swap in new hardware by popping out the bottom of the phone. With latest flagship G5 smartphone LG offers a great way of adding hardware to the device like a camera grip and a better audio system for better sound output if users are not pleased with pre-installed audio hardware.  

Other companies also embraces modular design concept

The tech-giant Google has also embraced the modular design concept by initiating a Project Ara which has not yet started making any products. Herein Google will only offer the structural frame to users and they will be able to add different components like cameras, batteries and sensors as per their need.

Another company worth mentioning is Fairphone which is selling its device namely Fairphone online at a whooping price of $800. Fairphone follows the modular design concept and users will be able to replace screen, camera and charging ports as their like by spending just $100 odd more dollars.