Medium – Web Fountain Pen

Amidst scruffy ballpoint on an internet, Medium is the web’s fountain pen and has become an outlet for people who tend to already have the largest audience in the world. It is said that our attention spans seem short and we cannot focus on anything more than 140 characters. Yet Medium tends to handle off this trend, encouraging the construction of a comprehensible argument through mainly long form of writing.

Evan Williams, founder and chief executive of Medium has commented that they are attempting to create the default place to write and publish anything of substance which one would want the world to see. His office just off San Francisco’s Market Street overlooks a city with people urgently seeking ideas which can make it big and William has three.


First is a Blogger, a platform, ultimately purchased by Google which was responsible in bringing us the verb `to blog’. Thereafter was Twitter which was co-founded by him in 2006 together with Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. It is a site which had become identical with all that seemed good, bad, miserable and funny on the web and its verb is `to tweet’.

Medium – Means of Sharing Policy

Medium does not seem to have a web yet but is going places and at the end of 2015 more than two million post had been published an achievement which is impressive, considering Medium post, on the whole seem long.


Some of the data discovery done by the company portrayed that a post which tends to take seven minutes to read draws the most attention. On the internet, seven minutes seems ages. William informs that `the truth is people still read, all day long’. Presently people tend to read about politics and several of the Presidential candidates seem to have a presence on Medium, envisaging it as a means of sharing policy beyond what they can shout at the time of television debates.

William states that there is a requirement for more substantive thought and commentary, from anyone who tends to offer it. He further adds that they are attempting to raise the level of discourse and get out of the soundbite world for people who are interested about what is going on.

Development of Publication

Considerable amount of the commentary tends to come from media organisations most of which have clustered to Medium inspite of having their own significant web properties. Medium helps this to occur together with personal profile. It provides the development of Publication, curated spaces resembling homepages instead of blogs. Through this the news business is provided with a confined and keen audience on Medium.

However, strangely, companies typically tremendously secured regarding their own editorial products tend to simply give it away to Medium, but that is likely to change. William had stated envisaging a roll-out of the features within a month or so, that they are building monetisation in the product presently.

He had also mentioned that they are not limiting themselves to advertising, emphasising that Medium would not become a mess of banner ads, but rather a sponsored content. He is also of the opinion that there is a lot of potential for premium or subscription or user-paid content, some kind of paywall or membership.Though text seems to be the focus, William is also speculating on expanding onto other online content such as video and podcasts.