Digicor finally gets a nod from Brocade and becomes its partner in the Alliance Partner Network (APN) Program. Brocade Premier has announced that it has gladly accepted the Digicor to play a vital part in its esteemed enterprise Solution Provider and Systems Integrators list within the region. Brocade Premier is a prestigious and high profile firm providing efficient SAN and IP networking products to variety of customers on global scale.

Digicor Will Be Given Bigger Responsibilities

Becoming a partner Digcor will work on the entire range of Brocade portfolio of products, which includes everything from the campus to core as well as software. It will also be handling the newly launched IP storage and networking solutions service of Brocade. Digicor is optimistic about this partnership and involvement in strengthening the services and reach of Brocade through reaching out to more and more targeted consumers. Digicor is hopeful to attain the Elite Partner within the end of this year with its skill and determination. Digicor is currently gearing for attending and exhibiting its expertise at the New Zealand CIO submit which is to be held in Auckland specifically on 9th and 10th of June this year.

digicoreA Brief History Of Digicor

Digicorwas founded in 1997 and it has long been in business of providing exceptional enterprise and business solutions to the firms in Australia and New Zealand. It services are mainly focused on IT solutions such as providing high performance servers, storage as well as networking solutions to the clients. Given the years in this particular line of business, it possesses an extensive knowledge and expertise, which is second to none. Apart from providing a huge array of products and services, it is also known for its remarkable customer service. This has helped this firm in building an influential credibility and strong reputation. It has earlier worked with some other mega giants of IT sector such Intel, Microsoft, RedHat and Citrix.

Brocade Has High Expectation With Digicor

Brocade has said that they has just got the kind of partner they were looking for delivering their New IP to the market. Brocade is counting on the deep understanding related to the storage and compute solution of Digicor and expect it form a mutually beneficial partnership in the long run.

The Sales Director Mark Telkes is upbeat with this partnership and he states that their customers are quite clear about their desire to go for the new advanced flexible and open storage solutions, which are being provided with the Brocade New IP services. Brocades New IP solution is dynamic in nature, which gives the ability to change rapidly as per the advancing technologies, and meet the much needed operational requirements with ease and grace. Even with this partnership, Digicor is still sticking to firm roots of being ‘trusted advisor to their customers’.

Brocade APN program is one of a kind wherein it actively rewards its partners who are focused towards developing knowledge for addressing new technology trends, which keep emerging from time to time. This program even provides intelligence and customizable tools to the partners for assisting them in selling Brocade solutions along with providing consistent support to the partners for resolving the queries of the customers in an efficient manner.