Genee – Your Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

An artificially intelligent scheduling app – Genee has been launched in public beta for anyone to have a personal assistant. Genee is expected to bring about human beyond equation completely with their end-to-end scheduling assistance that tends to plug in to their present calendar app and email provider.

Former colleagues and co-founders of VMWare’s, Charles Lee and Ben Cheung had planned to develop their Genee after facing hardships for their meetings, co-ordination and their own time table to discuss on the various start-up ideas. Cheung comments that `the reason why the executives tend to have assistants is that once they request to schedule a meeting, the assistant takes over totally.


The tools available now are pulling to automate that, though they do not solve the problem end-to-end, they tend to take away the responsibility’. Genee could be utilised here and enable access to present calendar as well as email apps. Anyone could use Genee after permitting access to existing calendar and email apps. One could simply copy Genee on their emails and it becomes their personal assistant and then it takes charge.Genee

Prompt Genee with One Click Option

If a meeting needs to be moved back by 15 minutes or rescheduled, a one click option tends to prompt Genee to inform the other party of the change.

The team had integrated Genee in Twitter and users could get the meeting on the books without the need of reverting to their email. The entire procedure tends to work effortlessly if both the parties have enabled Genee in accessing their schedules though it may not be necessary.

Though several applications of natural language processing tend to leave a lot to be needed, Cheung says that the key with Genee is to concentrate on small segment of natural language to ensure that the system truly feels like a human assistant.

He states that `they focus the natural language on a single context, scheduling meetings, which makes it easier and have a sophisticated algorithm for scheduling the preferred time and have trained the computer about the common sense part too’.Genee_1

Build Human Assistant Replacement

Lee adds that they are setting out to build a human assistant replacement, a product to address the 99% of the population which do not have it and their target user is not going to be the C-level executive who has an assistant already’.

If the Genee is told to schedule `drinks after work at some point of time in the week’ for instance, it needs to know that you probably meant after 5 pm and if you are totally busy that week planning drinks for next week, it would not be the end of the world. For past few years, 10,000 private beta users have supported the team tweak the system and teach Genee common slang as well as tones in scheduling language.

It is said that the company has raised funds amounting to $1.45 million in seed funding from Uj Ventures, Streamline Ventures and Garnett Ventures which would be utilised in expanding the Genee’s understanding, integrating with additional messaging platforms like Facebook and Slack and add on extra features like booking reservations for the user.