Google, Mountain View, California based tech goliath which has been undertaking a lot of companies lately, one of the latest being Motorola, has now vehemently enhanced its company’s empire by acquiring Jetpac for $ 3.2 billion.


Jetpac was founded in 2011, and has its headquarters in San Francisco. Its job is to gather data from the pictures users upload on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and then with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, it formulates guides with the extracted data. It was then launched in 2012 as a sociable travel manoeuvre, and then began focussing on Instagram-driven information on its iPhone application “Jetpac City Guides.”


Its basic job is to create software that analyses images uploaded over the net and devices an urban guide using the information they extracted from them. The generals clicks of buildings, people, food and ornamental elements found in Instagram are the source of all the vital contents of Jetpac’s online guide to the activities, rarities, habits and leisure-time charms, every city has in store.


Although the reason behind Google’s buy is not completely known but here are a few probable reason why Google made this purchase.

  1. One of the main objective is to provide a framework to the visual look ups, improving search about a particular location using the visual data provide with JetPac.
  2. The other most probable reason could be in Google+, where tons of new photo-associated lineaments are being recently added. The tales of journey albums, auto-awesome features, along with automatic hashtags. These obviously will aid JetPac’s tech greatly.
  3. Another domain where JetPac’s algorithm could be of great use when it comes to search results for Google Now and Google Maps, especially when it concerns the nearby locations of user’s interests. Travel features could be made much enhanced with the help of the application.
  4. With JetPac integration, finding information about certain places being searched for in Google Maps could be a lot easier with the images and more specifically efficient and relevant images of the particular location in maps.


The information provided by JetPac is much more diverse which allows people with various tastes and choices to use the application. It will now be much easier for people to choose what they want and where they want to go by just using their phone. For eg. Elderly couples prefer places that cater to their calm and solacing needs while young crowds prefer loud and lively places. This is made much easier with JetPac and Google integration. With the ‘Near you’ feature being integrated along with JetPac, the things mentioned above get much easier and useful.

Thus, it is very well evident how the acquirement of Jetpac is a stride towards the right direction. With the applications under Google’s system being vast, we yet to completely see what Google and JetPac have in store for us, but one can undoubtedly proclaim that this buy is one of the most figurant acquisitions this year.