Malware infections were reported on the Google’s Android devices last year. However according to the company these Android Malware infections were cut off during the half of 2014. And this was post the security upgrades that were rolled out for the mobile platform.

During the security review for 2014, the company has made of significant changes for the platform to make it look more stronger as it has been long viewed as a platform with weak security.

What Google has to say?

According to Adrian Ludwig, Android security engineer in a blog post, reports also says that there has been nearly 50% drop in the installation of potentially harmful applications worldwide. The drop was seen during the 1st quarter and the 4th quarter in 2014.

He further noted that nearly one billion Android devices that are currently in use worldwide, are running of the security that has been provided by the Google Play.

The same Google play which is known for conducting nearly 200 million security scans of the android devices every day. He further adds that during these scans fewer than 1% of the total devices have been reported to have installed the potentially harmful Android Malware applications in the year 2014.

Google further added that all the devices which have been running on Google play apps, the rate of installation of potentially malicious apps was observed lesser than 0.15%.

The reports released by the company also noted that the mobile platform has got numerous security upgrades in the year 2014. These security upgrades comprised of improvement in the encryption as well as tools that will be able to detect the Android Malware in a more efficient manner.

GoogleAndroid and Vulnerability:

Android has always been known for its security issues and the platform being susceptible to malware. The reason being the mobile platform is an open platform and there are millions of devices around the world which are still running on the older versions of this mobile operating system.

The report published by Google suggested that according to their review they have not been able to find any evidence pertaining to the widespread exploitation of its Android devices.

According to Ludwig, Android security engineer, the company wants to ensure that they are Android is considered as a safe operating system and their reviews will helps them to recheck of how they have performed last year and develop improvement plans.

What instore for the future?

Ludwig further stated that year 2015 will see a new forfront of the company wherein they will be taking a more proactive approach towards reviewing their applications against any kind of policy violations in the Google Play.

Even outside the Google Play, the company is also increasing their efforts to make their protections for effective to ensure reduced risks for regions and devices. Globally nearly 80% of the people are using Android based smartphones making it one of the most known target for the malware.

Even though the company was rolling out updates but not every updated is reaching out to their customers and this is one area that the company needs to work on.