Smartphones are nowadays much more than a friend, philosopher or guide. These machines are meant to automate our life. People now take help from an app in almost every work. To find a restaurant, to find out the weather condition or to find out the details of Mozart’s seventh piece, apps are always there to get the information for you. But with the limited memory size, it is really difficult to accommodate a huge collection of apps specific for a single work. Thanks to GETIT Infomedia for developing Askme app, which serves all your purposes, at least the promotional events say so.Ask me appAbout the App:This app is developed by Ignitee Digital and the company claim this app to be ‘Baap of all Apps’. So far we have used the app, it ran smooth and pretty cool app. Like Apple’s Siri, this app can get information ready according to your questions. If you are searching for a restaurant or a car shop or movie details, can be your one stop shop. There are many apps in the play store or app store, which serves for a specific work, but the amazing feature of this app, is that you will be able to get information on travel, matrimony, science, business, weather, movie, and media under one roof.Notable Features:Ask me app

  • Searches commerce shops near you.
  • Informs you about weather condition.
  • You can get local classifieds of movie, business and many more.

To conclude, this app can bring revolution for Indian app developers if it gets enough byte globally. We have to wait to see what the users are thinking about this app. With the promotional videos by megastar Ranbir Kapoor, the app is primarily eyeing to catch the Indian smartphone users with the rope. You can surely give this app a try, it may save a hell lot of time.