Nobody really understands how difficult it can be to work in the tech field. Sometimes it feels like it’s nearly impossible to get all of your work done. You’ve got clients who want servers maintained 24 hours a day, accessible to the entire world simultaneously. Let’s say you work with an eCommerce firm- then you’ve got to deal with hosting countless independent reams of data regarding each and every item, as well as facilitate legally-binding transactions with the company’s customers. Maybe you don’t work in the backend, but write B2C content helping drive sales. Or perhaps you work directly in sales, interfacing with clients over the phone and through the computer. No matter what you do in most industries these days, it’s staring at a computer screen, seated for eight hours straight. Sitting that long, craning your neck, it’s enough to wear on anyone’s back, shoulders, and neck. In order to make sure your body lasts as long as you hope it to (certainly outliving your current job at least), you should make sure to engage in several health-giving activities.

First off, definitely stretch before, during, and after every shift. You want to keep your muscles limber. Sitting still and craning your neck all day could lead to your muscles freezing in place and you losing their elasticity. Keep yourself limber and relaxed by being sure to roll your head around a few times every hour, move your arms, twist at your waist, etc.

Secondly, it’s important to let the steam off by relaxing with Reflexology in Chicago. You’ve got to go easy on yourself and give your body some time to heal from the week’s grueling workflow. Booking a reflexology session will give your muscles some time to unwind and you a chance to relax.

No matter what way works best for you, be sure to take some you time every week. It would be even better to set some time aside for yourself every day, but let’s be practical. However often you can, be sure to fit in some relaxation in between the screen refreshes and troubleshooting.