Samsung TizenAs if now we have already seen SmartWatch which is running on Samsung’s Tizen OS and now Samsung is planning to unveil their long time rumored Tizen Smartphone by November in India.According to director of Media Solutions Centre, South West Asia, Tarun Malik, it is confirmed that the company is planning to launch their first Tizen Smartphone in India keeping the focus on the budget device availability in India. This information was confirmed at the Club Samsung 2.0 service launch. According to Tarun his team is responsible for any promotions related to Tizen in India and people should be confused with this new Smartphone with the already rumored Samsung Z. This is post the company’s failure to launch Tizen in July, but they are still considering this as their comeback in the smartphone market.

At the moment the company is believed to be more in favor of other cheaper Tizen devices and rather dropping the Samsung Z. The Samsung Z even though is the first commercially available Tizen phone it features 4.8-inch HD (720p) Super AMOLED display which is similar to the one in Galaxy S3. Most of the smartphones provided by Samsung rely on Google’s android system and it gives the user ability to switch from Google services to Samsung lineup.

As per SamMobile, the company is expected to launch Tizen based SM-Z130H or SM-Z130E around the Diwali festival later on this year. A few months ago both these Tizen model phones were headed towards India for further testing purposes. The aim is to launch Tizen which will be able to coexist with other android devices.

Aim- Tizen:

TizenWith the aim of offering local content to the customers in India, the Samsung Company recently launched Club Samsung 2.0. In addition to this the company believes that the Indian market is very vast and versatile and has the capacity to accommodate numerous technology players. As per the recent reports Samsung believes and aims to create a difference between the Tizen based smart phones from the other competition in the Indian market based on their content.

Threat from competitors:

There has been a recent report confirming that the company is working on a new smartphone with “A “series which is online and dubbed as Galaxy A5. According the reports from the Seol, the company has been facing market threat and there has been slowdown in the smartphones sales in the market. In china the Galaxy smartphones and tablets sale was beaten by the Xiaomi sales. On the other hand In India, Micromax took a lead from Samsung on mobile sales during the first quarter of the year. And this is the reason which has been considered as a comeback move from the company.

This Tizen based Smartphones can be considered as an effort from the company who is aiming to develop their own mobile ecosystem similar to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The second most populous country might be the path for the success of the company.