Google Every one of us knows about Google as the biggest technological company on the planet. But little did we know about the diversity biasing that has been prevalent for a considerable time inside its working team and committee. Now, when the issue has been highlighted in the forefront by the media, a upheaval have upsurge throughout the globe.Google as we know was founded by a group of men, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This male domination era continues even to this date, as the reports that have been produced clearly states that the executive team mainly consists of male members, while in majority of the working team, 7 are male members out of 10. This clearly signifies the existing of male dominancy in the workplace. Gender biasing is present ubiquitous, but this was not expected from Google.

Current Statistics to reveal about the Gender Biasing:

Google OfficeThe statistics report, which disclosed about Google’s gender diversity is quite shocking. According to the reports by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it was found that among the 36 executive members in the executive team, only 3 are women.

The whole Google team is composed of 83% men, and there are also fewer workforces among black and Hispanic people. This gender and cultural biasing has left a bad impression among the Google workers who now have made to benchmark to eradicate this gender biasing. However, there are no such evidences present, which support the cause, that the workshops to encourage women participation in Google are actively prevailing.

How Google defended its view about the Report:

Google Headquarters Freada Kapor Klein, an entrepreneur who has studied cultural diversity speaks in defense of Google by stating that Google will be giving lecture on science and formulate active strategies to mitigate the gender inequality. She also says that Google has conducted many workshops which has been attended by more than 49,000 employees actively participated. Reflexive hidden bias was the topic of discussion in such workshops, which revealed that there exist a systematic discrimination of female population for the application of scientific job and academics.

Mr. Bock, a member of the Google team however rejects the reports stating that there is no manifestation of gender biasing in the Google team, and only some idiots have intentionally spread the rumor to degrade the name of the company. Reports also reveal that Google wants to remain in the shackles of gender biasing, which could be detrimental for the reputation of the company’s name.

How did Google’ Human Resource Team raised Awareness:

Google’s Human Resource team, which goes by the identity People Operations, has conducted a 90min hidden bias test, which targeted specially to the skeptical minded Google employees. In the test, Dr. Welle described how much people can be sexist and biased by showing certain computer stimulations. He also noted that there exists certain unconscious biasness in the workplace, which should be eliminated as soon as possible, by conducting certain workshop programs.

However, the question will crop in the forefront, “Whether Google will take an advancing foot to eradicate the gender biasing in their workplace?” and maintain their integrity as the finest tech industry worldwide.