Most of the users nowadays are concerned about their privacy while using messaging apps. A question does linger at the back of the mind whether or not messages are being read or archived by the messaging app provider. In order to remove these doubts a number of messaging applications are going the encryption way but it isn’t much. Signal is completely free but encrypted messaging service which offers highly secure and private of sending messaging across to friends and loved ones. This messaging app has won huge acclaim from security researchers as well as privacy advocates like Edward J. Snowden.

Things which Signal apart from others

Signals bear the hallmark of end-to-end encryption which makes totally undecodeable during the transmission. Whenever a user initiates a conversation with other user then an exchange of cryptographic keys are allowing only users decrypt the message and read it. If any wiretaps the messages then such message will remain scrambled as it is making it futile for the mischievous entity.

Signal isn’t perfect at the moment

Being a relatively new messaging platform Signal isn’t perfect and it does have its own share of glitches and bugs. One of the major glitch associate with Signal is related to its ability to synchronize the data between smartphones and computers.

A number of users have complained that the two apps, one for the smartphone and other for the computer, fail to work in unison. Sent or received messages via Signal doesn’t show up instantly on the both the apps at the same time.

Secondly this app can work on one mobile device at a time which might be a bummer for people with a number of communication devices.

In short users can use Signal either on their iPhone or iPad at a time, though Signal has promised to bring support for multiple devices in near future. It misses upon the stickers and animated GIFs segment which has helped in making a number of messaging apps popular because it add a new flavor to the texting. Signal has asked the users to report the glitches and bugs on the community forums which will allow them come up with right measures or patches within short time interval.

Get a hold over your privacy

Signal is up for grabs for free on the Android and iOS app stores as well as it bring free add-on on the Chrome browser. It is strong in terms of encryption based on its architecture which makes it easier to install and get hold over the privacy without any undue fear being watched.

Another reason to start using Signal from today is that it has partnered with Open Whispers System which essentially relies on grants and donation unlike other messaging services which tend to share users information to advertisers in order to generate revenue.

Being a relatively new messaging app Signal might appear to be lonely but once you get your friends onboard then you can generate conversation with complete privacy.