Fire accidents have become a common occurrence in most of the households. While some may cause minor damages, others can cause serious life threatening situations.  Majority of these incidents are caused by leaving the gas turned on unmindfully. Forgetting whether you left your gas open or not while leaving your house/apartment is a common everyday problem that we face. This situation can go to being worse when you come back and watch your house in flames! To resolve this problem, Inirv Systems has brought forward their new kick starter gadget called Inirv React that has two components-   a ceiling mounted smoke and fire detector and replacement Smart Stove Knobs  for your stove. You can either use Inirv Smart Stove Knobs in place of your stove knobs or use them behind the original stove knobs to maintain the design.

The Inirv unit

The Inirv kit consists of four Smart Stove Knobs controls embedded in a single sensor unit. Inirv react makes use of various technologies to present to you a smart control system.  The function of the sensor unit is to detect smoke and gas while serving as a port for Wifi connection. The individual knob systems are connected to the main sensory system via a Bluetooth connection which allows user to control the Inirv React Smart Stove Knobs from anywhere in the world. The sensor also provides the user with real time alerts and notifications if anything goes out of place.

The Smart Stove Knobs move with the help of a motor. This motor can be controlled through an app on your smartphone over a Wifi connection and thus you can control your gas burner without even touching the knobs. The Smart Stove Knobs are fitted with blue LED lights that indicate the level of flame.

Smart Stove Knobs_1
The most innovative thing about React is that it has motion sensors and will automatically shut off the gas if it has been left on for more than 10 to 15 minutes in an empty kitchen area, thus preventing any accident. The burners can be locked with the help of the app to ensure child safety measures.

Will it be able to prevent accidents?

Developers of Inirv React cite studies that show around 375000 house fires in the country of US alone in a year.  According to National Fire Protection Agency almost 7 people die because of fire accidents every day. Keeping in mind all these facts, a gadget like Inirv React can be pretty useful in preventing and putting an end to fire accidents. You can get the kick starter which includes a sensor and four knobs at a price of $229. Although the project is still in its early stages, developers at Inirv are looking forward to incorporate voice recognition (integration with Alexa and Google Home). Not only does it turn your stove into a smart device but the ability to control your stove burners from anywhere like from inside of your car or even from the beach definitely makes Inirv React a great utility and safety gadget.