Looking for a wristwatch with a chronograph? If you pay attention to the price when you buy a watch and especially on a good price/performance ratio, you will be more than happy with the watch from Songdu. Thus, the watch not only offers a practical display for time and date but also a chic chronograph, as well as a high-quality Milanese bracelet – all at an affordable price.

When buying a watch you are spoiled for choice. So you can decide either for a very cheap model, which is often synonymous quality inferior, or you access an expensive brand watch. The Songdu men’s watch combines high quality with reasonable price and can also be used with additional features such as a date display and even a chronograph. Such functions are only achieved in the medium to the high-price segment at this quality level.
Cheap wristwatch with great functionality
The Songdu wristwatch has a Japanese quartz movement, which allows a precise time indication and includes the above-mentioned calendar display or date display. The mineral watch glass is resistant to scratches and falls and has been chemically hardened. The stainless steel case has been treated very high quality and makes a good impression. The manufacturer gives a water resistance of 3 ATM, which corresponds to 30 meters. So it should not be a problem to wear the watch underwater, swap or swim.
The watch is analogous and held in a classic, simple design. So the watch is available in black, white and also gold. All three color versions have something special: the black watch looks very chic, sporty and suitable for the businessman, while the white variant looks rather fresh and summery. The golden specimen is based on luxury and embodies it quite well. On all models, you quickly forget the original price you paid for it.
Waterproof and with Milanese bracelet perfect for the summer
The dial displays every hour with a single line, while the three, the six, the nine, and the zero / twelve two bars show the time. The special feature of the Songdu watch is the chronograph, which shows the stopwatch function with three instruments. These show the 1/10 seconds, the seconds, and the minutes. The crown on the right side is two – stage, which is necessary for the date and time setting. The two other buttons activate the chronograph, pause it and reset it.
The watch makes a very high-quality impression, which is underlined by the Milanese bracelet. This is extremely fine and should also provide sweat-free arms during the summer. All in all, the Songdu watch is perfect for those who are looking for a cheap watch but still attach great importance to quality and functionality. The watch can be bought for 34.99 euros and is already considered a real worth of money!