Now with new technology blind people can get the better experience while listening the TV shows and films. From past few years, researchers are working on the innovative technologies to replace the traditional audio descriptions patterns to help the visually impaired people (blind people) for better experience.In this sound experiment, Dr Mariana Lopez, who is leading scientist from Anglia Ruskin University found the way to tell the story of movies and films without any need of track describing events, which also known as audio descriptions. Mariana Lopez and her team were using ultra innovative surround-sound gadgets and latest audio technologies to replace the audio descriptions for blind people. Initial trials were experimented on volunteers with sight loss and it was proved that experiment was successful.

Problem with traditional audio descriptions:

It is well known thing that it’s pretty challenging to make the films comfortable for blind people as normal and due to that a long way back a team of researchers had discovered the audio description, but now in the age of technology researchers are making the things pretty simpler as well comfortable. According to Dr Mariana Lopez, “The main problems with traditional audio descriptions are that it is not a creative process, which sounds little boring for visually impaired people because they can’t see”.

Earlier the interpretation of the films were available in audio described tracks, so that blind people can know what’s going on, but it was not necessary to represent the artistic vision of the video or film-maker, as per the Dr. Lopez. From past two years audio descriptions are in function and since then industry have some wonderful advanced audio technology, but it was not good enough to apply them for accessibility.

Roald Dahl was created a creative short audio film known as “Lamb to the Slaughter” to prove that still there are few ways through which blind people can listen and follow the action without any narration track. Sound-layering, surround-sound, sound effects and by adding acoustical information to any recording like; an echo to indicate someone is in a large size, can help the listeners to identify many different elements as well as feelings in the film. Dr Lopez explained that to indicate the murder weapon for a leg of frozen lamb we need to find a way to use that particular sound as it can give a sense of something frozen and heavy and then sound can be used for hitting the body on ground. On certain places sound-marks can also be used to indicate the particular places for example a cuckoo clock can be used to suggest that person is in living room.

The experimented audio film was played for a group of volunteers to identify that it is working for blind people or not and as per the British Computer Association and Royal National Institute of Blind people and responses in experiment the were good as volunteers were saying that they are comfortable with video and had enjoyed the experience.