No matter you are living your personal life or professional life, you cannot forget the ultimate laziness because when it comes to do research on the internet age than you will find that sometimes bad habits of laziness can shock even the most innovative as well as prepared of minds. However; it’s true that in the age of internet it’s easy to share the original thoughts across the different channels on internet as social network researchers can share and connect their work findings in more quick way by avoiding any kind of dead end.

The original research cases it is clear that web world is still transforming and two startups are showing their remarkable presence in web world by facing different challenges. Imagine Easy Solutions, which owns the Citation Machine, which best known machine to generate the online citation whereas; EasyBib is planning to prepare their presence in citations with new software’s that make them to hope that it will provide the training in research on primary and secondary education.

Apart from that Imagine Easy Solutions is thinking again to educate the people about research and due to that ResearchGate which is well known brand in academic social network is going to start new way to think that science can conduct their experiments in new way. Now it’s clear that knowledge is available for those who can get the benefit from it.

Rethinking research process in elementary education:

EasyBib which allows students to generate the bibliographies as well as citations in different formats all they need to type the details of publication, however the company was collected its first revenues of $ 800 from the associate principal of college.

Later co-founder mention that project is best for those who have taken many years to do their research and now they are going to become the bankers or management consultants. The real magic happen on the other side of this platform where students work and teacher can watch their work in the form of mentor and it is the actual construction or preparation of research paper.

Publishing a research paper in the Age of Internet:

We all know that quality control by publisher is most essential in the world of research papers and du to that it should be done in unique ways, so that small groups of peers can do research and they can raise their comments on it by increasing the quality of product. In many different ways the Research Gate has raised funds in more than three rounds since May 2008 and most recently it raised the check of $ 35 million from Tenaya Capita and Bill Gates. This academic social network has got more than 2 million publications in every four weeks by their users. Now productivity is demanding the more work and research work from different government and research funding bodies, which have a work to write the new introduction as well as research method for every research paper.

Now both companies are hoping that this kind of social approach towards science will improve the research culture in colleges and research organizations.