iPhoneIf anybody asks you which is the best smartphone, then you will definitely say that iPhone is the best one. Since the brand apple has covered all people minds, you will definitely go for the iPhone series only. Because of its unique design and as well as its unique features, iPhone remains in the top of everyone minds. In this post, I have shared the best tricks and tips for the iPhone.You can easily reset your phone: By simply holding the power button, you can easily reset your iPhone when it gets strucked. So no need to worry when your device gets hanged for a long time. Simply click the power button for a while and restart your device.

You can easily set restriction in your device: If you were feeling that the content are not visible for others and other applications in your iPhone, then you can easily set restriction in the device. iPhone has a awesome feature that allows you to restrict the permission of an appropriate object in your iPhone.

Download Torrents directly without using torrent clients: without using any torrent clients you can easily and directly download torrents in your iPhone without any hassle.

Access Hidden Characters: You can access various hidden characters that are found in your iPhone by simple long pressing the characters in your iPhone keyboard.

Create Custom Vibrations: iPhone allows you to set up custom vibration in your mobile devices. You can set up different sorts of vibrations for each persons in your contacts. Yeah, it really looks interesting, iPhone allows you to set up different sort of custom vibration for each contacts and this lets you to identify the contacts in your iPhone when they were calling you.

Capture the screen in a click: By clicking the home screen and the sleep button in a same time, you can capture the screen in a moment. You can capture the screen wherever you want and this allows you to capture the screen in your iPhone. Suppose, if you were in the middle of a game, you can easily capture the screen by simply pressing the home button and also the sleep button of your phone.

Do Not Disturb: similar to silent mode, iPhone allows you to activate the Do Not Disturb mode, in which the device won’t disturb you. You can activate this action by simply going to setting and activate Do Not Disturb mode in your iPhone.

Hide SMS Preview: iPhone allows you to hide the SMS previews that will come under notifications, this offers you a bit of privacy while using your iPhone. By simply disabling the SMS preview button in the setting, iPhone allows you to hide the SMS previews in the notification area of your iPhone.

Hope you will try those tricks and tips in your iPhone, stay with our blog for more updates.