Especially in the summer one likes to be outside. Whether in the park, on the lake or on the own terrace, a seating opportunity is, in any case, a welcome-looking form of relaxation. Lying or camping chairs are an obvious solution, but they take up a lot of space and are often not particularly portable. With Trono we would like to introduce you today a chair, which can be inflated with a simple train through the air and ends up in the backpack within a few handgrips.

The company behind Trono wanted to create a perfect relaxation zone, which can be dismantled within a few minutes. Trono is aimed at people who are outdoors and want to relax but do not want to carry ugly and bulky folding chairs. Trono is made of triple-coated nylon, which comes from the parachute sports and is supposed to hold up to 150 kilograms when inflated. Trono himself weighs just 800 grams. The special feature: Trono can be completely filled with air with a simple pull.

Trono – an inflatable throne!

The fact that there are already similar products as so-called “air lounges” is aware of the manufacturer. Here, too, the resistant parachute fabric is pulled through the air, rolled sideways, fixed and you can make it comfortable. It however, is different, because here you do not sink into the air chair properly, but can sit comfortably, sitting, working, reading or simply enjoying the sun. The hardness of the seat can be compared with a high-quality seat pouch, which has been placed in a correspondingly upright position.

Trono is delivered in a manufacturer’s own packaging and contains  itself, a specially treated suede cover, as well as a carrying bag and operating instructions. In addition, the manufacturer also adds two patches in order to be able to close any holes or leaks. From the packing were all parts quickly and immediately handed us the feeling the want to set up the chair.

High quality materials and all around good processing

The material feels high-quality and makes a robust impression. For a more comfortable sitting comfort, the Wild leather cover is now attached with a high-quality zipper. This is specially treated and water repellent. Any splashes at the pool are skilfully rejected and pearls also over the nylon parachute material down to the ground off – really practical. Also visually make Trono some! When working with the accessories, the light weight quickly becomes apparent. The just 800 grams, which Trono brings on the balance, can be easily lifted with one hand. But now we want to make it comfortable on the air chair.

Loops for fastening and anti-slip strips

At the bottom you will find two other features of Trono. On the one hand, there are two anti-slip strips which allow the air chair to stand reliably on a hard and smooth surface, and on the other hand, practical fastening loops to fix Trono on loose ground; Especially handy if it is a bit windier and you would like to fix it on the meadow during camping. The product is very well thought-out and fun to use. Even after a long sitting, Trono was still comfortable!

For the summer, it is the perfect seat to relax outdoors in the sun. On the beach or in the park, but also within the own four walls made Trono a good figure. The innovative seating possibility can be purchased on the manufacturer’s side for 79 euros – there you will also find practical accessories for the air chair. The shipment is fast, within a few days Trono is at your home and ready for use in the park, at the lake, on the terrace or on the seaside.