The digital market is all about competition and in this world of business we have to choose the best. The smart phone companies know when to release their products like Moto C depending upon the condition of the market. Well this is just the game of the business.

We have to be updated in this world else we might have to face to the consequences. the world has got revolutionised with the gadgets and the technological things. This has made our things way better and we can now get access to anything with just a few clicks. Thanks to the Internet which has been the main platform for spreading the news far and wide around the world. Well certainly this has bridged the gap between the nations and now the digital and cellular world are easily connected.


Recently, the smart phone company made it to the news that the Moto C and Moto C plus have become official. These latest phones are considered to be the most economic devices till date. The starting price is $97. Well, certainly it is the best price for the consumers. The price is the main thing that keeps everyone excited for the upcoming phones.

Obviously, it has to be as we have to keep a budget on the amount to be spent on the smart phones. The Moto C is thought to be an awesome phone with the exciting features and specifications. The phone may be released in the spring time. The main regions for the release are Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The countries are still unavailable for these regions. With passing days, the scenario would become clear.  But still, Moto C holds a good interest among the people who are tech friendly and crazy about smart phones.



The specifications are the main area of the interests for any person who is going to buy a phone. With recent updates on the versions of the Android, everyone wants to get the latest and the best.


The battery of the Moto C is 2350 mah and it is a removable battery. It comes with the latest Android version – Nougat. The display size or the screen size is 5 inch. Well it may be a concern for the people who prefer big screen size phones for themselves. The display is 540x480pixels which is quite standard. If we consider the camera, it is 2 MP for the selfie one and the 5 MP for the rear one.

The processor is of Media Tek and there are four variations in this cell. They are primarily black, gold, cherry and white. The storage is also standard as compared to the current trend of the company. The storage can expand up to 32 gb. For the price of $97, the phone comes with 8gb storage and 1 Gb RAM. The phone is best compared with the price and the specifications. The price goes up when the storage capacity increases to 32 GB.