twitterCyber bullying is an activity that can range from awkward online posts or pictures, to dangerous threats. Almost all age groups are susceptible to this, but the teens and young adults are frequent victims. It has become a great concern as the Internet is somewhat anonymous and so it is very difficult to trace the offender. Unfortunately, the threats and images can be publicized on the Internet very fast.

Twitter has recently been taking a strong step against harassment and undesirable content and hence the social media site is utilizing a weapon in its struggle against online bullies. This company has collaborated with Women, Action & Media- an independent nonprofit in North America to make a tool, which will let the users to report violence and harassment through Twitter and make the problem resolved in twenty four hours. The WAM will examine all the incoming reports and send them to Twitter, and record Twitter’s replies to assist the company to develop its policies about harassment.

Reason of Launching Harassment Reporting Tool

A few says before, Dick Costolo who is the CEO of Twitter faced various queries in a conference about online harassment. Perhaps for this reason, the company has realized to start the aggressive approach to remove the bad actors off the social networking site. Costolo once declared that Twitter would be deferring all accounts, which were spreading pictures from the video clip of a photo journalist, named James Foley.

The gender-based nuisance, seen at the present time has been one of biggest troubles of Twitter, because the females who speak their mind against sexism have faced death as well as rape threats through the internet. The joint venture with WAM will be based on gender-related matters, but will even look out for the abuse that comprises racists or aggressive threats.

Contribution of WAM in this System

The management of these however, may be a challenge for the two-member team of WAM. This harassment is not only an unappreciated work, but psychologically a very destructive one. Even if an account is blocked by the site, it is very simple for trolls to make another new account and cause right back up once more. It is the main cause why the attempt to lessen the annoyance online has often been equated to a web wide slang game. Furthermore, the website of WAM posts that they cannot compel Twitter to curb down the content or delete it. They also added they are not that Twitter and so they do not have the right to make decision about this matter but they are trying their best to support it.

The most important aim of WAM is to provide Twitter a well understanding of exactly what is occurring on the site, so that Twitter can address these problems later. However, it is a good indication that Twitter is paying attention to its users and wants to do something to tackle their safety issues. It may take some time to build up proper systems, which can truly prevent dangerous and harmful content, but recognizing the cause of these hassles is a good point to start.