If you see yourself as an ultimate gamer and have a real passion for it then you should have the equipment to match, and gaming rigs are what you should be looking at. Gaming rigs give you so much more in terms of capabilities and set up, and as most gaming enthusiasts would say nothing can beat the quality of gameplay that you would get with a gaming rig as it’s specifically tailored to give you the best experience. One of the major advantages of a gaming rig compared to say normal gaming consoles is simply you have more options, you can choosing exactly what sort of processor, motherboard, storage and so on to meet your needs it may even save you money.

Choosing you gaming rig isn’t a daunting task it just takes a little research, a bit of thinking about what your gaming priorities are and some decision making. At the heart of any gaming rig is its processor which one you go for will have a major impact on the performance of your rig so spending a little extra here wouldn’t be a bad idea. The types of processors you could go for are high-powered CPUs such as the AMD A10 or quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, which will provide the computing muscle needed for a rich gaming experience. Operating system wise your best bet is going for Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit as it’s fast, reliable and shouldn’t give you any problems gaming wise.

The most vital gaming decision you’ll make when purchasing a gaming rig is which graphics system to use, to bring out the best you should look at discrete graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. At this time dual, triple, and quad graphics card from AMD and Nvidia rule the way on desktop and by having multiple graphics cards it enables you to not only have extra GPU power it allows you to run a multiple monitor setup. Talking of monitors you should be getting a 1080P HD display no less than 21/22 inches to get a true experience, but it can also depend on how many screen you’ll be running.

One of things that’s often overlooked is the system’s memory which gets seriously tested by modern games, so you’ll need to fit your gaming rig with at least 8GB of RAM and if you can 16GB as faster memory leads to greater performance and stability. Alongside this you’ll need to look at what SSD you want, currently high speed low capacity hard drives are best for gaming as they speed up boot time, wake from sleep time and game launch time.

Once you sorted out the internal components of your gaming rig you can start looking at extras/accessories that can really do wonders for your gaming experience. I recommend that you give your gaming rig a nice cube/tower case to hold all those components nicely and trick it out with the best gaming keyboard, mouse and headset in your budget, you’ll notice the difference. If racings your thing then you could go for some steering wheels and pedals and have a driving gaming rig setup the choice is yours, so whatever you choose to do have fun and enjoy gaming. If you’re interested in buying a gaming rig then head over to box.co.uk they can build your dream gaming rig at a very reasonable price.