Robots are quite expensive or to be true they are immensely expensive. In the last couple of years the robotics has gone through a rapid revolutionary period due to advancement in science along with feasibility of acquiring necessary raw materials at affordable rates. Robots can be found working in the factories, restaurants and other places in Japan but in other parts of the globe they are simply listless. However an ambitious project on Indiegogo offers a unique robotics kits designed for the kids at a really affordable price points. This robotics kits has been name Ziro and it allows kids to build any kind of vehicles making use of fewer number of motors and other things as far as kid’s imagination goes.


Ziro set to provide a new level of learning and enjoyment to the kids

Ziro robotics kit is the product of a company called ZeroUI which takes pride in coming up which innovative robotics accessories. Ziro protype has been so successful that kids were able to make use of it and come up with some marvelous within few minutes of using it. A Ziro robotics kits comes with four wireless motors which is more than enough to build a small car. Ziro will allows kids to build anything from the cars, animals to cardboard robots right of the box. Apart from the starter kiy ZiroUI also offer some interesting creator bundle upgrades which will offers some great cardboard layouts to make more out of the robotics kits.

Kids will be able to make use of the cardboard, plastic bottles and lego bricks to make something interesting of their own choice. In order take on some of the ambitious projects kids will be required to get adult help and direction. Kids will also be able to control the motors present in their designs by simply connecting it to the Wi-Fi network of their home.

Get more creative with the robotics kit

Ziro robotics kit can be used in any manner by the kids and it usage and implementation is only limited by the kid’s creativity. ZeroUI already have a running website with huge repository of designs which can be used to take ideas and make something more complex and enthralling with the robotics kit. Robotics kits even offer an opportunity to repurpose the old toys and bring them to the life. In short Ziro robotics kits is best suited for the curious and inquisitive of the child which always tries to stretch the boundary of imagination.

ZeroUI maintains that the current education system is extremely focused on the getting the desired results and doesn’t cares about the process related to the actual learning. Ziro robotics kit will offer an opportunity to the kids to reflect on their failure while trying to build something out of their imagination and in this humble fashion they will be able to learn from the their mistakes. It will enhance their problem solving and creative capability to a whole new level.