Tech companies are trying to enforce artificial intelligence services to build up the market for the buyers. As a result, more than 34 artificial intelligence have been brought in to the market in this year. This data is provided by the research firm CB insights. Tech companies are enforcing them to save guard their won rights. Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) or Google has put up 11 AI i.e. artificial intelligence startups since 2012, any other firm which is followed by Apple Inc (AAPL.O), Facebook Inc (FB.O) and even Intel Corp (INTC.O) are following the trend.

The first largest deal taking place in the very first quarter showed that Ford Motor Co (F.N) invested $1 billion in Argo Al, which was formed by all the current executives working on self-driving teams at Google and Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.UL).

These startups are on a venture to look for great applications related to artificial intelligence pertaining to certain specific fields, like health, industrial observation and retail rather than to going for a direct tussle with fully established companies. You will soon find that such situation has arrived where those dealing with recognized platform services and communities which have just taken a startup will innovate more to provide artificial intelligence services by launching apps. This was confirmed by Matt Mcllwain, who is the managing director of Madrona Venture Group. Several Healthcare startups are also not left behind in this race as they are also utilizing artificial intelligence services to modify data that can provide all the necessary details of the doctors on grounds.

Those interested in focusing their problems on all sorts of core problems, this intelligence is the ultimate solution to your problem as it acts as a boon for all the existing renowned organizations. Adrian Aoun, who is the Chief Executive Officer has given his consent to this news. He used to work in Google and certainly he has a sound knowledge regarding this field and he has also suggested that all those who wants to prove their expertise, though being a fresher in this field, it is always advisable that they start up on their own, other than depending on any other source.

All the technology infused was academics have set up for putting up specialization services in terms of artificial intelligence. Though, while starting up a flair for competing is always recommended, but a company with a well carved out specialization mission can succeed in winning over recruiters. Vic Gundotra, the chief executive of AliveCor, which manufactures portable heart monitor has confirmed this news. Google who is always up for competing with all the companies present on this globe have also acclaimed the importance of artificial intelligence.

These companies have refused to make any sort of comment regarding their strategy of acquisition of artificial intelligence, but a man who came forward as a representative of Apple confirmed his companies recent purchase regarding Lattice Data, which is a startup which shows its flair for working with ungrafted data.