Android Nougat Latest Upgrade to Software

Google has been spending years in attempting to work out what consumers would need in a smartphone. Some of the features such as the home screen widgets and pull-down notification shade have been there since day one.  However it took two varieties before Android had an on-screen keyboard and there earlier than the omnibox which enabled to search your phone, the web and more all from white search box.  Till Ice Cream Sandwich, multitasking did not exist.   The oldest version of Android which seems in the least on the phone is possibly KitKat that did not appear till 2013.

Plenty of changes have now taken place.  The latest version of Android known as Nougat is said to be the latest upgrade to the software which is now utilised on more than three quarters of most of the smartphones across the globe.  It has been gradually rolling out to Google’s Nexus devices.  In contrast to the several Android sweetmeats that had come earlier, right from Cupcake to Honeycomb to Jelly Bean, Nougat seems to make it clear that Google know precisely what it is doing. Nougat is said to be sophisticated, elegant and advanced.

Side-by-Side Window Support

It is present in a smartphone market which means that Google is no longer grasping at straws attempting to make Android work on hundred various types of devices and screen sizes.The market selected big screen together with software keyboards. The new Nougat tends to have only a handful of features and the one used most is the new emoji.

Google has eventually abandoned those yellow characters for real.  Nougat has 72 new emoji comprising of avocado, bacon, scooter, selfie and a clown face.

Android Nougat_1

Besides that the most important latest thing is the side-by-side window support that enables the user to open two apps on the screen simultaneously and it is great for copying address to calendar or while watching a video.

With regard to multitasking, Nougat tends to tweak app-switching and rather than showing your most recent apps when one hits the square button to the right side, inclusive of the app currently used, it shows you the app you had been using earlier. You could also skip the menu with just a double tapping of the square button and jump straight to your recently used app.

Provide Small/Refined Progress

Notifications as always got some alteration in the latest version of Android. Google seems to be aware that notifications are beneficial over iOS and tends to keep extending the lead. Presently one can take more action in a notification, snoozing or archiving or replying directly without bothering of opening the app.

If one tends to get notification which you don’t need you could long-press on one and alter the settings from there.  You could also group the notifications of your choice, re-order them based on priority and much more. Considering that a big part of Nougat is its VR mode intended to support Google’s Daydream VR platform which would be coming up later in the year, there seems to be some opportunities for Google to be strange and ambitious. As for Android phone users, Nougat tends to provide a small and refined progress of an already outstanding smartphone OS.