Apple Unveiled iPhone 7/Second Generation Smartwatch

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 together with the Apple Watch 2, the second generation smartwatch at a special event in San Francisco.  The iPhone models boast of faster chips, more sophisticated cameras with enhanced software and does not have jacks for plugging in wired headphones. There are no earphone jacks for the latest iPhone 7 devices.

To satisfy users with the habit of wired headphones, Apple could have had accessories which comprised of adaptors that tend to plug in a remaining port.  The AirPods tend to connect through Bluetooth and as per FAA regulation on the utilisation of portable electronic device; one could also continue using short-range Bluetooth accessories such as wireless keyboards.

With the AirPods it is said that one can get around five hours of a single charge which can keep you diverted on a cross-country flight but it would not do for a flight. The AirPod case tends to have 25 hours of juice.  Some have asked if the AirPods can be utilised with non-Apple devices. One should be aware that the base technology is the Bluetooth and is not branded to Apple.

The AirPods tends to pair seamlessly with iPhone as well as the other devices of Apple but does not have to do manual pairing on non-Apple devices.

Apple – System of Introducing Latest iPhone Models

It has always maintained a system of introducing latest iPhone models on annual basis, timing introductions to match with the year-end holiday shopping season. The company had announced in July the sale of its billionth iPhone which has been a milestone for the company while it sought in sustaining momentum in a competitive smartphone market.

They had informed a decline in the sales of iPhone during the second quarter of the year, a second straight fall after uninterrupted growth from the time of its introduction in 2007. The South Korean consumer electronics giant LG was said to portray a new premium V20 smartphone in San Francisco, which would be the first to ship with the new Nougat version of Google backed Android operating software.


Samsung, the leading smartphone maker, in the meanwhile had announced that it would remember its new flagship smartphone after the damaged batteries had triggered some Galaxy Note 7 phablets to explode while charging, in a big blow to the reputation of the South Korean electronics giant.  iPhones have been at the core of the money making machine for years for the company and the stated investments in self-driving cars as well as virtual reality are yet to show the effect in transformative new products.

An independent Silicon Valley analyst of Enderle Group, Rob Enderle had commented that `Apple is a company which tends to live hit to hit – the iPod, iPhone, iPad. Without those successive hit, it is struggling.  Though it tends to have lot of cash, it has stopped being a market maker. With the sales and profits sliding with iPhones,  had stressed growth in sales of apps, music and cloud services, in July.Apple is heading towards new areas like Apple TV together with streaming music which would give rise to more stable revenues.