Apple has recently launched new software which is aimed at improving the ability to monitors the health related aspect of the users. Apple has moved away from the tradition of naming its user centric application or software by the name of ‘i’. It is simply named as CareKit and happens to be a framework offers people to access and share information related to their health with doctors through using phones. Some of the tech enthusiasts believe that in upcoming years Apple’s CareKit will usher an era of healthier and more hygienic lifestyle among the users in a simple and elegant fashion.

 What is Apple’s CareKit?

Apple CareKit framework is based on the already in use data collection methods which help in tracking the user’s activity. Later on these data are carefully made available to the doctors to keep an eye on the user’s well being. A number of health apps are already available on the App Store which helps in tracking the person’s activity and collecting data over the time. But these data are left in the hands of the users which only lets them know about their activity and nothing more. On other hand this new framework will make the data available to the doctors who are more qualified and experienced in understanding the health related aspects of the patients. Apart from this framework will also allow an opportunity for the developer to build such apps which can measure how users are recovering from the illness or surgery.


CareKit to bridge the gaps between different kits

Apple already has HealthKit which helps in tracking the physical activities of the users along with ResearchKit which helps in making the information and data available to the scientist for furthering the research. Both of these Kits has been performing with great precision and better results over the past few years but CareKit will certainly help in bridging the gap between them by unleashing a new batch of apps to work with all kits in unison.

It is worth noting that the framework is made up of a series of modules. The standard CareKit comes with just four modules but developer will be able to develop new modules in order to improve the functionalities and features on the new apps based on the CareKit framework. Developers has already built a Symptom and Measurement using the CareKit framework and this allows patients to record the symptoms on the basis acquiring data related to body temperate at different times.

CareKit modules make use of the sensors available in the iPhone along with the software to carefully monitor the daily activity and store the data of the patient’s health. In future patients will be able to understand the progress made by the wounds healing by simply taking pictures of the wound and running it through the apps working on the CareKit modules.

As of now just four apps had received access to CareKit and got launched on the US version of Apple’s App Store. These apps come loaded with specific set of tools to monitor particular health related aspect of the patients. Two app is designed for the diabetes while other two apps will be monitoring the pregnancies related health aspect.