The science and technology have already made a great leap forward and there is some interesting breakthrough have been made, which are quite supportive for the growth of civilization. The electronics and the computers are two major sectors, where some massive changes are being occurred in the last century and still its rule the development process to a great extent. While the computer and the internet technology have assisted in revolutionizing of the communication systems, in general; there are some other items or issues, which are also having some unique features, not even dreamt off before. The Bendable electronic paper displays whole color range is one of such items, which have the potential of changing the basic approach towards the use of sheet or paper, as this has the potential of replacing the physical paper.

Features and Useful Information

  • The Bendable electronic paper displays whole color range is a very thin, less than a micrometer, and having all the colors, which can be seen in any regular LED display screen. With such an interesting thickness and quality, it consumes the lesser power about one tenth, compared to the Kindle tablet. Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology have the credit of developing a basis for this new kind of electronic paper and their results have already been published in one of the most prominent, with high-impact potential, Advanced Materials.
  • Two of the prominent researchers of the Chalmers University, Andreas Dahlin, and his favorite student Kunli Xiong were working together in placing of a conductive polymer on the nanostructures and discovered that this composition is perfectly suited for creating a paper-like electronic display.
  • The interesting part of this electronic display is; although it has the similarity of a Kindle tablet, this is not lit up like any other standard display; on the contrary, it reflects the peripheral lights, which actually illuminates the display. Therefore, it can be seen that the best result of this display paper can be there, where the brighter light sources are available, such as; under the sunlight and it is in sharp contrast to LED displays, which works better in the darkness.Electronic Paper_2
  • The work pattern of this display paper is very simple and depending on the quality of the polymer’s unique ability to control, absorption and reflection of light. The Polymer that covers up the entire surface shows the way the electronic signals, the whole time of the complete display and helps in creating high-resolution images. The commercial applications are not being started so far but the basis is already there and it is the matter of time in going for regular use of the Bendable electronic paper displays whole color range.
  • The most common and standard use of Red, Green and Blue, popularly referred as RGB, colors can be created in this display, which is similar of the quality of the standard LED displays. The results, obtained so far, are very much positive and need to be completed soon by developing the pixels for larger displays.